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Industry Size

Qatar Plastic Pipes and also Fittings market augmented rightly from 2012 to 2017 at a positive CAGR during the review period 2012-2017. The organized sector dominated sales due to its excellent product quality and enjoys competitive advantage covering the unorganized sector as it could provide product customization.

Government schemes for instance Vision 2030 to highlight on developing sectors like tourism, transport, manufacturing and infrastructure increases the investments in this construction of hospitals, factories and also other infrastructure. This has contributed majorly into the market as these plans have quadrupled the demand for plastic pipes and fittings in the uk.

The market for Plastic-type pipes and fittings in Qatar is required to grow till 2021 because of the various developments taking place in great britain for FIFA World Goblet 2022. However, post that will, the growth is anticipated to slow down in the united kingdom.

Market Segmentation:

In 2017, uPVC pipes and fittings continued to be the prevalent product with PE pipes, CPVC plumbing, PP pipes and other type of products which includes PB, ABS and PVDF regarding revenue in the Cheap Pipes and Fittings in Qatar. The demand for PVC pipes and fittings is reducing continuously due to the increase in application instances PE and PPR pipes and changes in consumer preferences.

In 2017, Water supply and Sewage contributed the biggest share to the Plastic-type Pipes and Fittings market of Qatar then plumbing sector, other applications like cable protection, telecom, electricity and electrical, HVAC and also other related industry, chemical, oil and gas industries and Irrigation in terms of revenue. The organized players are operating over a nationwide scale and attempt domestic manufacturing of plastic pipes and fittings.

Additionally, majority of the revenue in the total plastic pipe & fixtures market in Qatar was generated by domestically manufactured products while imports contributed quite a small share with regards to revenue.

Competitive Landscape

Qatar plastic pipes and also fittings market is moderately concentrated with a good few big players constituting flavor the market. The country is usually a home of around 45-50 huge, small and medium weighing machine manufacturers and importers inside the plastic pipe industry, as well as about 20-30 organized players.

Future Outlook

The future outlook with the industry is positive as the oil prices are expected to recover in the returning years which will dramatically the Qatar economy. The construction industry would continue to keep expand with investments in infrastructure, residential, water along with energy projects. The plastic pipes and also fittings market growth will even be driven by this country's Vision 2030, under that the government aims to diversify the country's economy far from oil and support financial growth.

There are numerous large-scale commercial infrastructure projects underway in preparation belonging to the FIFA 2022 World Cup which will positively impact the marketplace. It is estimated that water supply and sewage sector will still contribute the highest share towards revenue of plastic pipes and fittings in Qatar as of 2022 and the promote of domestic manufacturing would further increase in the uk in the coming several years.

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