two peas in a pod

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03 Oct
          Many people say US President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson are like two peas in a pod. I think that is an accurate way to size up the two leaders. They have a personal chemistry, which was on full display last week when they met in New York. If two people are like two peas in a pod, in means they are very similar, especially in the way they look. Many twins are like two peas in a pod. A pod is a container from a plant that contains things such as peas. The peas from the same pod look very similar. That's how the expression "two peas in a pod" originated.

          To size up someone means to carefully examine that person and decide what you think about that person. After sizing up Trump and Johnson, many people think they are like two peas in a pod. If you have a chemistry with someone, it means you are compatible with that person and feel comfortable and relaxed being with that person. The expression is mostly used to describe married couples or boyfriends and girlfriends who are compatible and happy to be with each other. But it can also be used to describe close friends who think alike and get along well with each other.

          Trump and Johnson both have blond hair. They are both populists, which means trying to be popular with ordinary people, and they both want to put their countries first. Trump is doing that by fighting a trade war with China because he believes China's trade policies are unfair. Johnson is putting his country first by fighting for Brexit because he believes staying in the European Union is unfair for Britain. But even though Trump and Johnson are like two peas in a pod, there are some differences. Trump makes sure his blond hair is spic-and-span, which means clean and tidy. Johnson's blond hair is always tousled, which means hair that is untidy and not combed.

          許多人都說,美國總統特朗普與英國首相約翰遜就像「豆筴裏的兩顆豌豆」(two peas in a pod)。我認為這是個準確的說法,去評價(size up)兩位領袖。他們兩個人之間有很微妙的化學作用(chemistry),這在上星期他們於紐約會面期間已顯露無遺。若兩個人像two peas in a pod,即是說他們非常相似,尤其是在外表上。許多雙胞胎都像餅印一樣(two peas in a pod)。A pod就是植物的莢,內裏盛載種子如豌豆。同一筴(pod)中的豌豆看起來非常近似,這就是習語two peas in a pod的由來。

          To size up someone就是去仔細品評那人。在評量(sizing up)過特朗普與約翰遜後,許多人認為他們真的很相似(two peas in a pod)。若你跟某人有chemistry,即是說你跟那人有默契,與對方相處很和睦和舒服。這個習語多是用來形容融洽共處的已婚伴侶或男女朋友,但它也可以用來形容想法相近、很合得來的親密朋友。

          特朗普與約翰遜都長着一頭金髮。他們都是populists,即民粹主義者,嘗試打親民牌,而他們二人都想以國家利益為先。特朗普以國家為先,跟中國打貿易戰,因他相信中國的貿易政策是不公平的;約翰遜同樣以國家為先,他所做的就是爭取英國脫歐,因他深信留在歐盟對英國是不公平的。但即使特朗普與約翰遜多麼相似(two peas in a pod),他們仍是有分別的:特朗普總是確保他的金髮是spic-and-span,即是乾淨整齊的;而約翰遜的金髮則永遠都是tousled,就是蓬亂、不打理的頭髮。中譯:七刻

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