A party pooper

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24 Oct
          Do you know what day Oct 31 is? You guessed right. It is Halloween. When I lived in Central, my apartment was a stone’s throw from Lan Kwai Fong. If you are a stone’s throw from a place, it means you are just a short distance from that place. It took me five minutes to walk to Lan Kwai Fong from my apartment. Sometimes I would walk to Lan Kwai Fong on Halloween just for kicks to see the different costumes and facemasks people wore. The slang expression “just for kicks” means just for fun or excitement. Some of the Halloween costumes people wear in Lan Kwai Fong are outlandish but others are familiar costumes such as Batman or Spiderman costumes. The word “outlandish” means very unusual or strange.

          The government’s ban on wearing masks made me think of Halloween. Many Halloween costumes include masks. Will the government be a party pooper by ordering people not to wear masks on Halloween? A party pooper is a person who spoils a party or prevents other people from enjoying themselves. Halloween is a day when many Hong Kong people let their hair down, so I hope the government or the police won’t be party poopers. The slang expression “let your hair down” means to relax and enjoy completely. The police usually make people line up to enter Lan Kwai Fong on Halloween for safety reasons and crowd control.

          Will the police stop people wearing costumes with masks? Will they force the people to remove the facemasks? Will they check bags to see if people are carrying petrol bombs? Will they arrest people who wear costumes pretending to be protesters with black clothes, goggles, and gas masks? I don’t know, but if the police check young people going to Lan Kwai Fong on Halloween, they will be party poopers. I don’t think real protesters will be party poopers on Halloween. I hope the police won’t be either. And please be nice to those wearing Batman costumes. Batman is a good guy who fights crime.


          你可知道十月三十一日是甚麼日子?你猜對了,就是萬聖節。我住中環的時候,我的單位跟蘭桂坊相距只是擲石之遙(a stone’s throw)。若你是 a stone’s throw from a place,即是指你跟那個地方距離很近,只是一箭之遙。那時從我的單位走到蘭桂坊,只需五分鐘。有時我為了好玩(just for kicks),會在萬聖節那一晚走到蘭桂坊,看看那些人穿的各種服裝與面具。習語 just for kicks意即為了尋求刺激、找樂子。在蘭桂坊,有些人穿的萬聖節裝束稀奇古怪(outlandish),但另一些人則是穿熟悉的服飾,例如蝙蝠俠或蜘蛛俠的裝扮。Outlandish是指不尋常的、稀奇古怪的。

          政府禁止蒙面,令我想到了萬聖節。許多萬聖節裝束都包含了面罩。政府會否做了party pooper,要求人們不能在萬聖節戴面罩?A party pooper就是大煞風景、掃興的人。萬聖節是許多香港人let their hair down的一天,因此我希望政府又或警方不會做那個掃大家興的人(party poopers)。俚語let your hair down意即放鬆自己、盡情享受。警方為了安全理由及人群管制,通常會在萬聖節當晚要求市民排隊進入蘭桂坊。

          警方會否禁止人們穿着有面罩的裝束?他們會否迫令人們脫下面罩?他們會否檢查手袋,看看人們有否攜帶汽油彈?他們會否拘捕那些穿黑衫、戴眼罩和防毒面罩,裝扮成示威者的人?我不知道,但若然警方在萬聖節當天截查前往蘭桂坊的人,他們就成了掃大家雅興的人(party poopers)。我也不認為真正的示威者會在萬聖節當天做掃興的人(party poopers),希望警方也不會吧。另外,請友善對待那些打扮成蝙蝠俠的人吧。蝙蝠俠可是打擊罪案的好人來的。


        Michael Chugani 褚簡寧
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I have the same thought.

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Find U R getting more yellow ribbon type than neutral thru recent messages




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