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2020/03/26 04:12:41 網誌分類: 生活
26 Mar
          When the new coronavirus, which started in Wuhan, began affecting our city, Hong Kong people went into a panic. They bought large amounts of bleach, hand sanitizers, facemasks, rice, and even toilet paper. They hunkered down in their tiny apartments after the government closed all schools and employers asked people to work from home. But after several weeks of hunkering down in tiny apartments, many Hong Kong people have started letting their hair down. They are going to country parks, restaurants, and bars. Infectious disease experts have warned that now is not the time for people to let their hair down. Thousands of Hong Kong people living in the US and Europe are returning because they feel it is safer here. Tests at the airport showed many have already been infected by the virus.

          Medical experts have warned this could cause a second wave of infections in the community. The expression "hunker down" used this way means to take shelter in a safe place to avoid danger. Hong Kong people are used to hunkering down in their homes during typhoons. If you let your hair down, it means you allow yourself to behave more freely and enjoy yourself. The expression "second wave" used this way means a disease infection that affects a group of people, slows for a while then affects many more people in different parts of a community. Even though mainland China says it has controlled the coronavirus epidemic, some people say there will be a second wave.

          I agree with the experts that it is too soon for Hong Kong people to let their hair down. I still hunker down in my apartment except when I have to do my TV shows. On weekends I go for a quick walk by the seaside near my apartment to exercise. I have avoided restaurants and bars for many weeks. I am lucky because I live alone and have a balcony with a harbour view. I cannot infect anyone and no one can infect me when I am at home. I sit on my balcony and listen to music.


          當起源於武漢的新型冠狀病毒,開始影響我們的城市時,香港人陷入恐慌。他們購買大量的漂白水、酒精搓手液、口罩、米,甚至廁紙。政府宣佈學校停課,僱主叫僱員在家工作後,他們蹲守(hunkered down)在他們那狹小的單位中。然而過了幾周在狹小單位中隱忍(hunkering down)的日子後,許多香港人已開始放鬆自己(letting their hair down)了,他們會去郊野公園、餐廳和酒吧。一眾傳染病專家已警告說,現在不是人們放鬆(let their hair down)的時候。數以千計住在歐美的港人回港,因為他們覺得這兒更安全。在機場的病毒檢測顯示,許多人本身已經感染了疫症。

          醫學專家都警告,這會導致社區內的第二波(second wave)感染。習語“hunker down”在這裏是指在躲藏在安全的地方中避難。香港人慣於在颱風期間沉潛在(hunkering down)家中避難。若你 let your hair down,意即你容許自己放開些,盡情享受。習語“second wave”在這裏是指一個疾病的傳播影響一批人,放緩了一會後又再度在社區各處影響更多的人。雖然中國內地指,它已控制了新冠病毒的疫情,但一些人說將會有第二波(second wave)爆發。

          我認同專家們的看法,香港人全然放鬆自己(let their hair down)實在言之尚早。除了去錄製我的電視節目,其餘日子我仍會沉住氣、窩在(hunker down)家中。在周末我會去家附近的海濱來個快步走,鍛煉一下身體。我已多周避免去餐廳和酒吧了。我很幸運,因為我獨個兒住,有一個有海景的露台。我在家的時候,不會傳染任何人,也沒有任何人可以傳染到我。我會坐在露台上,靜聽音樂。



        Michael Chugani 褚簡寧

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