Chip off the old block

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16 Jul
          British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is known for his tousled blond hair. US President Donald Trump also has blond hair. Some people say Johnson and Trump look alike because of their blond hair. Actually, the two leaders have very different hairstyles. Johnson's hair is tousled and unruly but Trump's hair is always immaculately combed. Last week, I saw a TV news item that showed Johnson and his father Stanley Johnson. Their hairstyles are almost identical. The elder Johnson's hair is also blond, but whiter due to his age, and tousled. Father and son also look very much alike. Boris Johnson is like a chip off the old block.

          The word "tousled" when used to describe hair means very untidy and uncombed. Most people have tousled hair when they get up in the morning. The word "unruly" when used to describe people means very difficult to control. Young children in large groups are sometimes unruly when they go on school outings. But the word "unruly" can also be used to describe hair that is difficult to keep tidy. The word "immaculate" means perfectly clean and tidy. It can be used to describe hair or the way people dress. Famous people who attend celebrity functions are often immaculately dressed. Although Trump's hair is immaculate, he is not always immaculately dressed. Often, his ties are too long. His suits also don't fit him properly.

          If you're a chip off the old block, it means you look or behave very much like one of your parents. It is more often used to describe a son and his father. When I saw the TV news item about Johnson and his father, I was surprised how much he resembled his father. It reminded me of the idiom "chip off the old block". The prime minister's son, Wilfred, who was born in April, also has blond hair. Wilfred also looks like a chip off the old block. Johnson's blond hair seems to run in the family. If something runs in the family, it means most family members have the same characteristic.


          英國首相鮑里斯‧約翰遜的蓬亂(tousled)金髮非常聞名。美國總統唐納德‧特朗普也有一頭金髮。有些人說,約翰遜和特朗普因為都是頂着一頭金髮,看起來很相像。但事實上,兩位領袖有很着迥然不同的髮型:約翰遜的頭髮是蓬亂(tousled)和亂糟糟(unruly)的,特朗普的頭髮就總是整潔地(immaculately)梳好。上星期,我看了一個電視新聞節目,有約翰遜和他的父親史丹利‧約翰遜露面。他們的髮型幾乎是一模一樣的。老約翰遜的頭髮都是金色的,只因為年紀大而比較白,但也是蓬亂的(tousled)。父子二人的相貌也很相像。鮑里斯‧約翰遜就像同一個模子刻出來的一般(a chip off the old block)。


          若你是a chip off the old block,意即你樣貌又或行為跟你的父或母很相像,比較多是用來形容子肖其父。當我看過有關約翰遜和他父親的新聞節目後,我很驚訝他有多像他的父親。這就令我想起成語“chip off the old block”。首相的兒子威爾弗雷德,於四月出生,也是一頭金髮。威爾弗雷德跟他的父親也是一個餅印的(a chip off the old block)。約翰遜的金髮看來是run in the family;若某事runs in the family,意即那是家族遺傳,許多家庭成員都有同樣的特徵。Michael Chugani褚簡寧



        Michael Chugani 褚簡寧

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SCY 2020/08/08

Yes, I agree that there are many rotten apples working in the government.  I mean those getting salary from the government but opposing the CCP.  Shame on those rotten apples.  They should resign from the government.

sunnyyiq 2020/08/07

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