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10 Sep
          To vote or not to vote? I did not vote in the 2016 US elections because neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton impressed me. Joe Biden, the Democratic Party's candidate to run against Trump, doesn't impress me either. He has not clearly stated his political vision for the US. Trump doesn't have a clear political ideology too. His background is that of a wheeler-dealer businessman. After winning the 2016 election, he became a wheeler-dealer politician. The slang expression "wheeler-dealer" used this way means someone who uses aggressive or even dishonest ways to make business deals, bargains, or other arrangements to benefit himself.

          Many Americans support Trump's bashing (strong criticism) of China for initially covering up the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. Biden has jumped on the bandwagon in bashing China, believing this will help him win more votes in November's election. To "jump on the bandwagon" means to join or follow something that has become very popular to benefit from it. Trump is pressuring the US health authorities to approve a coronavirus vaccine before the elections to improve his popularity. I really hope a safe and effective vaccine will be approved soon so I can travel again. I love travelling and really miss going to the Cathay Pacific lounge for a drink before my flight.

          I have not yet decided who to vote for if I decide to vote. Both Trump and Biden are septuagenarians. A septuagenarian is a person aged between 70 and 79. Trump is 74 years old and Biden will be 78 in November. If he wins, he will be an octogenarian half-way through his term. An octogenarian is a person aged between 80 and 89. Trump often mentions Biden's age, saying he is too old to be president, and calls him Sleepy Joe. Personally, I prefer younger people as president of the US because it is a very high-pressure job. Vice President Mike Pence is 61 and Kamala Harris, the Democratic Party's candidate for vice president, is 55. They can take over if anything happens to Trump or Biden.


          要投,還是不要投?我並沒有在二○一六年美國大選中投票,因為特朗普與希拉莉都沒法給我留下好印象。今次與特朗普對戰的民主黨候選人拜登,同樣沒能打動我。他並未清楚闡明他對美國的政治願景。特朗普也沒有清晰的政治理念,他的背景不過是個 wheeler-dealer生意人;在二○一六年大選中勝出後,他就成了個 wheeler-dealer政客。俚語wheeler-dealer在這裏是指以野心勃勃、耍手腕甚或投機取巧的手段,去達成商業交易、討價還價或有利於己的協定。

          許多美國人支持特朗普大肆抨擊(bashing)中國一開始隱瞞武漢爆發新冠肺炎。拜登則跟風(jumped on the bandwagon)攻擊(bashing)中國,相信這能有助他在十一月大選中贏得更多選票。To“jump on the bandwagon”意即見風使舵、轉軚投向受歡迎的一邊,好讓自己從中取利。特朗普向美國衞生部門施壓,希望能在選舉前批准一支新冠肺炎疫苗,以增強他的支持度。我實在希望一支安全而有效的疫苗能早日獲批,好讓我能再度旅遊。我很愛旅遊,也實在很想念於上機前去國泰貴賓室喝一杯。

          若我決定要投票,也還未想好該投誰。特朗普和拜登皆為septuagenarians。 A septuagenarian就是七十到七十九歲的人。特朗普已七十四歲,拜登到十一月也七十八歲了。若他勝出,任期過一半時他便是個octogenarian了。An octogenarian就是八十到八十九歲的人。特朗普不時提及拜登的年紀,說他做總統太老了,更叫他做「打瞌睡的拜登」( Sleepy Joe)。個人來說,我較喜歡年輕一點的人做美國總統,因那是個非常大壓力的職位。副總統米克‧彭斯六十一歲,而民主黨副總統候選人賀錦麗則是五十五歲。若特朗普或拜登有甚麼不測,他們便可以接手。

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