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13 Oct
          Staycation has become a buzzword in Hong Kong. Many hotels were fully-booked for staycations during the long weekend last week. This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival coincided with China’s national day on October 1, which was a Thursday. Friday was a holiday for the festival, making a four-day long weekend. Normally, Hong Kong people would use long weekends to take trips to nearby places, such as Thailand. But most countries have shut borders because of the coronavirus. That’s why many Hong Kong families booked hotel rooms for staycations. The word “buzzword” means a word that has suddenly become popular or fashionable.

          Although staycation is now a buzzword, a staycation doesn’t have the trappings of a real vacation. Going to the airport, checking in, boarding a plane, being served food and drinks, and arriving at a destination are all the trappings of a real vacation. For me, the trappings of a real vacation include going to the Cathay lounge for a drink. The expression “the trappings of” means all the things that are part of, or associated with, a particular situation. Going to the airport, checking in, and boarding a plane are all part of a real vacation. A few countries have toyed with the idea of plane rides to nowhere.

          Passengers check in, board a plane, and are served food and drinks. But the plane just circles around the country. The expression “toy with” means to think about an idea or plan. Critics say flights to nowhere are an unnecessary use of fuel which harms the environment. I have a better idea. Cathay is losing money because of the pandemic. My idea is for Cathay to convert a large room into a business class cabin with real business class seats, service, and meals served by flight attendants. Hong Kong people who have never travelled business class can experience it. Prices should be affordable. People can pretend to board business class and enjoy the experience for three hours. Cathay can arrange breakfast, lunch and dinner flights. It will help the airline make some money.



          雖然staycation現在變了做一個流行語(buzzword),宅度假卻沒有真正度假的標記(the trappings of)。去機場、辦理登機手續、登機、給端上餐飲,以至抵達目的地,這些都是真正度假的標誌(the trappings of)。對我來說,真正度假的標誌(the trappings of)還包括了去國泰貴賓室喝上一杯。習語“the trappings of”意即某一特定處境或事件的一切從屬物或相關的標誌。前往機場、辦登機手續和登機,都是組成真正度假的部份。一些國家還動了念頭(toyed with the idea),要辦一些沒有要去哪裏的飛機航程。

          乘客會辦登機手續、登機、給端上飛機餐的餐飲,但那飛機只是在國內盤旋。習語“toy with”是指去考慮一個點子或計劃。批評者說這些不是為了飛往別處的航班,是不必要地浪費燃油,破壞環境。我有個更好的想法。國泰因為疫情正在蝕錢,我的點子是國泰將一個偌大的房間改裝成商務艙,配備真正的商務艙座位與服務,並有空中服務員奉上餐飲。從未搭過商務艙的香港人可以親身體驗一下,價錢應是相宜、可負擔的。人們可以假裝登上了商務艙,享受這三小時的體驗。國泰可以安排早餐、午餐或晚餐的航班。這可以幫助航空公司賺些錢吧。 中譯:七刻

        Michael Chugani 褚簡寧

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