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24 Nov
          Some commentators in the US have broached the possibility that President Donald Trump could launch a coup d'état after vote counts showed he lost the election to Joe Biden. Trump has taken legal action in some states against the accuracy of the vote count. That has put the election outcome in a state of flux. Americans, and the world, will have to wait until votes are recounted in some states and judges decide on Trump’s legal action for a clear answer on who becomes the next US president. Is a coup d'état really possible in the US even though some people have broached this possibility?

          The word “broach” means to raise a very difficult and sensitive issue for discussion. Some people had broached the idea of Hong Kong independence but even broaching such an idea is now illegal under the national security law. The expression “coup d'état” is French in origin. It means a sudden and illegal overthrow of a government, or seizing power in a country, often with the use of force. When something is in a “state of flux”, it means the situation is changing and no one can be sure what will happen next. In the US, when vote counts and projections show a candidate has won the election, it is customary for the losing candidate to admit defeat and congratulate the winner.

          Hillary Clinton did that in 2016 when projections and vote counts showed she lost to Trump. But Trump believes the way the election was carried out was unfair. That’s why he is challenging the result in court. I don’t think a coup d'état is possible in the US because it is a strong democracy. If the vote recounts still show Biden won, and if Trump loses his court challenge, he will have to admit defeat. It is hard to imagine that he will refuse to step down and order the US military to keep him in power. I don’t think the US military will agree to a coup d'état.


          美國的一些時評人已經開始提出(broached)一個可能性,就是若點票過後顯示總統特朗普在大選中輸了給拜登,他會發動政變(coup d'état)。特朗普在一些州份中,已採取了法律行動反對票數的準確性,那就使大選結果處於不斷變動的狀態(state of flux)。美國人,以及全世界,都必須等到一些州份重新點票完成,法官就着特朗普的法律行動作出裁決,才能清楚確認誰是下一任美國總統。即使有人帶出了(broached)政變(coup d'état)的可能性,但這在美國真的有可能發生嗎?

          Broach的意思是去拋出一個非常困難及敏感的議題給大家討論。有些人提出了(broached)香港獨立的構思,但現在於《國安法》下,即使去提出(broaching)這樣的想法都是非法的。習語“coup d'état”來自法語,它的意思是去發動政變,即突然推翻政府,又或篡奪國家權力,通常是透過武力手段。當某事是in a “state of flux”,意即它正處於變化不定的狀態,沒有人能確定接下來會發生甚麼事。在美國,當票數點好而推算出一個候選人勝出了選舉,按照慣例,落敗的候選人要承認落選並恭賀當選者。

          二〇一六年,當推算及點票顯示希拉莉輸了給特朗普,她便這樣做了。然而,特朗普認為,今次大選進行的方式是不公平的,因此他入稟法院,挑戰選舉結果。我不認為美國會出現政變(coup d'état),因為它有很強的民主基礎。若重新點票仍然顯示是拜登當選,而若特朗普所提出的法律挑戰也輸了,他將要承認落敗。實在很難想像他會拒絕下台,並命令美國軍隊讓他繼續掌權。我不認為美國軍方會同意去發動政變(coup d'état)。中譯:七刻

        Michael Chugani 褚簡寧

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