To work“hand in glove”.

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26 Nov
          Hong Kong is now entering the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Many places in Europe have again imposed strict social distancing rules. There is also a new wave of coronavirus outbreaks in the US, the country most affected by the pandemic. But there is hope in the US that a vaccine will soon be available. Two American companies, Pfizer and Moderna, have both developed a vaccine that is about 95 percent effective against the coronavirus. The US plans to provide these vaccines free to every American once the government concludes they are safe. But President-elect Joe Biden admitted last week that officials in every US state must cooperate to make sure the vaccine reaches everyone.

          The expression "president-elect" describes a person who has won the election but is not yet formally the president. President Donald Trump has refused to accept that Biden is the president-elect, claiming the election was unfair. Last week, Biden met online with state governors of both political parties and said the federal and state governments must work "hand in glove" to make sure the vaccine reaches everyone. To work "hand in glove" means to work very closely together to achieve something. It is similar to the expression "work hand in hand". Many English expressions use the word "hand". When I interview guests on my TV show I often ask them to answer difficult or sensitive questions with "hand on heart".

          This expression means to say something that is completely true, honest, and sincere. Americans usually put their right hand on their heart during the Pledge of Allegiance and when they sing the national anthem. The Pledge of Allegiance is an oath that Americans recite to promise loyalty to the US. Another expression that uses the word "hand" is "hand to mouth". If you are living from "hand to mouth", it means you have just enough money for essential things like rent and food and no extra money for things like new clothes or eating in restaurants.



          習語“president-elect”是形容一個人已當選但又未正式上任總統。總統特朗普拒絕承認拜登是候任總統(president-elect),宣稱選舉是不公平的。上星期,拜登與兩大政黨的州長在網上會面,說聯邦和州政府必須work“hand in glove”,確保人人都有疫苗。To work“hand in glove”是指攜手緊密合作,以達成某事;類近的習語是“work hand in hand”。許多美國習語都會用到“hand”一字。當我在我的電視節目上訪問嘉賓時,我不時會以“hand on heart”問他們一些尖銳或敏感的問題。

          這個習語的意思是衷心、赤誠、推心置腹地說實話。美國人在Pledge of Allegiance及唱國歌期間,會將右手置放於心胸前。The Pledge of Allegiance就是《效忠宣誓》,美國人唸誦以承諾對美國效忠。另一個用到“hand”一字的習語是“hand to mouth”。若你是living from“hand to mouth”,那你就是勉強度日,賺的錢僅夠糊口,只能應付租金和食用等必要開支,而沒有餘錢可以買新衫或去餐廳吃大餐了。中譯:七刻

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