“New Year resolutions”

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29 Dec
          Many people make New Year resolutions at the start of a new year but most lack the resolve to follow through. In past years I had written about my New Year resolutions but must own up (admit) I had lacked the resolve to follow through with all of them. That’s why I will not bite off more than I can chew for my 2021 resolutions. A New Year resolution, as I have explained in past columns, is a promise you make to yourself on the first day of a new year to start doing something good or stop doing something bad during the year. For example, many smokers promise themselves to stop smoking. Overweight people promise themselves to exercise more and avoid unhealthy foods.

          But people must have the resolve to keep their promises. The word “resolve” used this way means determination. People who make New Year resolutions must have the determination to follow through. The expression “follow through” means to continue to do something until it is completed. If you make a New Year resolution to reduce your weight, you must follow through until you become less overweight. In past years I had made many New Year resolutions, including drinking less alcohol and exercising more to reduce my pot belly. A pot belly, or beer belly, is a fat stomach. I don’t like beer, and my stomach is not very fat, but it is still noticeable. I did not have the resolve to exercise more to reduce my pot belly.

          The expression “bite off more than you can chew” means to try to do something that is too difficult for you. Every year, I find it too difficult to keep all my New Year resolutions. That’s why I won’t bite off more than I can chew by making fewer New Year resolutions for 2021. I will still try to flatten my pot belly and drink less alcohol. Those are my only two New Year resolutions for 2021. I hope I will have the resolve to follow through.


          許多人在新年伊始都會許下新年宏願(New Year resolutions),卻大多缺乏決心(resolve)去堅持到底(follow through)。過去多年,我都有寫下我的新年宏願(New Year resolutions),但不得不坦承(own up),我也沒有決心(resolve)去貫徹實行(follow through)。因此對於我的二〇二一年宏願(resolutions),我不會再不自量力(bite off more than I can chew)了。正如我以前解釋過的,a New Year resolution就是在新一年的第一天,你向自己許諾的宏願,要在來年做好的事,又或去戒除陋習。譬如,許多吸煙人士會向自己承諾要戒煙;超重、肥胖的人則會應承自己,多些去做運動,及避開不健康的食物。

          然而人們要履行承諾,必須有resolve, resolve在這裏是指決心。許下新年宏願(New Year resolutions)的人必須有決心去follow through。習語follow through是指堅持去做一件事直至完成。若你許下新年宏願(New Year resolution)要減重,你就必須堅持到底(follow through),直至你體重減輕。過去那些年,我許下過諸般的新年宏願(New Year resolutions),包括喝少些酒和做多些運動,去減掉我的pot belly。A pot belly,又稱啤酒肚,即是肥肚腩。我不喜歡啤酒,我的肚腩也不是很肥,但它仍是很明顯。我沒有決心(resolve)去為了減掉肚腩(pot belly)而多做運動。

          習語“bite off more than you can chew”意即你嘗試承擔自己力不能及的事、好高騖遠。每一年我都發現,要實踐我所有的新年宏願實在太難。因此我不會再不自量力(bite off more than I can chew),二〇二一年要許下少些新年宏願(New Year resolutions)。我仍然會嘗試使我的大肚皮(pot belly)變平,喝少些酒——那就是我二〇二一年的唯二新年宏願(New Year resolutions)。我希望我能有足夠決心(resolve)去堅持到底(follow through)。


        Michael Chugani 褚簡寧

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SCY 2020/08/08

Yes, I agree that there are many rotten apples working in the government.  I mean those getting salary from the government but opposing the CCP.  Shame on those rotten apples.  They should resign from the government.