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16 Feb
          Every year I invite feng shui expert Michael Chiang Hong-man to my TVB show. His Lunar New Year predictions are almost always spot on. He was spot on last year when he predicted the Year of the Rat would be calamitous for the world. It was indeed calamitous. The expression "spot on" means accurate or exactly right. Another similar expression is "hit the nail on the head". This expression has several meanings. One meaning is to describe exactly what is causing a problem. If disease experts say large gatherings spread the coronavirus, you can say the experts hit the nail on the head. Another meaning is to be completely right about something.

          Chiang Hong-man hit the nail on the head last year when he said on my show the Rat Year will be calamitous because Jupiter and Saturn were moving too close to each other. The word "calamitous" means causing great damage or suffering. The coronavirus caused great global suffering. Saturn and Jupiter are moving away after coming closest around Christmas. But we are not out of the woods yet. The expression "out of the woods" means to be no longer in danger. Chiang Hong-man believes the world will be out of the woods next year, the Year of the Tiger. The Year of the Ox will be a mixture of good and bad.

          Even though Saturn and Jupiter are moving away, they are still quite close, which means calamitous events can occur. But he said around Lunar New Year, six stars and planets will be close to each other, which will bring good feng shui. Every year he brings a chart to show how to improve the feng shui in your home. For the Ox Year, he said you will have good fortune if your door opens on the west. But he warned you should not move anything in the northeast part of your home because this is the Year God position. Please watch my show on the TVB news app if you want to understand the chart. Happy New Year!


          每一年,我都會邀請風水師蔣匡文上來我在無線的節目。他的農曆新年預測幾乎都很精準(spot on)。上一年,他預測鼠年對全世界來說會是災難性的(calamitous),那就很準確(spot on)。這確實是悲慘的(calamitous)一年。習語“spot on”即非常精準或全對的。另一個相近的習語是“hit the nail on the head”,這個習語有幾個意思,其一是去形容人說中要害、一針見血;若疾病專家說,大型團聚會擴散新冠病毒,你便可以說那些專家實在說得中肯(hit the nail on the head)。它的另一個意思是對某事的判斷完全正確。

          蔣匡文上年在我的節目上說,鼠年將會是災難性的(calamitous),因為木星跟土星會靠得非常貼近,他這個預測就是非常精準(hit the nail on the head)。Calamitous是指災難性的、不幸的。新冠肺炎疫症帶來了全球性的苦難。土星跟木星在上年聖誕節前後靠得最近,其後愈走愈遠。但我們還未 out of the woods;習語“out of the woods”是指脫離險境。蔣匡文相信,世界在下年虎年將可以脫險(out of the woods),而牛年將會是好壞參半。  


        Michael Chugani 褚簡寧

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