To“call it quits”.

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27 Apr
          Some of you may know I have called it quits. To "call it quits" means to stop doing something or to stop working. I have decided to stop all my TV shows and political columns except my column in Headline Daily. When reporters asked me why I have decided to call it quits, I told them I was burnt-out (also burned-out). The expression used this way means very tired or exhausted from work. When reporters asked if I have called it quits for political reasons, I just said Hong Kong has changed and people must also change to avoid new red lines.

          My main reason for calling it quits is because I am truly burnt-out from so many columns and TV shows every week. I want a long rest before deciding on my next move. After I told my TV and newspaper bosses I have decided to call it quits, I spent an exhilarating (very happy, excited) Saturday hiking in the Aberdeen country park. I used to go there often many years ago but have stopped because of too much work. During my walk, I even saw two wild pigs! Last week, I hiked up Duckling Hill, which is near my Tseung Kwan O home. I used to get up at 6.30 in the morning daily. Now I have turned off my alarm.

          In the evenings I experiment with cooking and watch Netflix. I am now watching Designated Survivor, a political thriller, which means a book or movie with an exciting storyline. It is about a low-level White House cabinet member who became president after the president and all other politicians were killed by a terrorist bomb. The word "booyah" was used several times in one episode I watched. This is an American slang word which is used to show you are very happy about something, such as a victory or an achievement. White House officials in Designated Survivor used "booyah" to celebrate a good speech by the unelected president.


          你們有些人或許知悉,我已經called it quits。To“call it quits”意思是停止做某事、不幹了、就此打住。我決定停止我所有的電視節目主持工作,以及政治專欄的寫作,除了我在《頭條日報》的這個專欄。當記者們問我為何決定不幹(call it quits)時,我跟他們說,我實在burnt-out(也可寫成burned-out),這個習語在這裏是指因為工作繁重而精疲力竭。記者們問我,可是因為政治原因而不再做下去(call it quits)?我只是說,香港已經變了,人也應該改變,以避免踩中新的紅線。

          我停止工作(call it quits)的主要原因,是我每個星期做這麼多的專欄和電視節目,真的累壞了(burnt-out)。在決定下一步之前,我需要一個長時間的休息。在我告知我的電視和報章老闆我決定離職,不再工作(call it quits)以後,我去了香港仔郊野公園行山,度過了一個很振奮(exhilarating)的周六。許多年前我經常到那兒,但後來因為工作繁忙而沒有去了。遠足期間,我還看到兩隻野豬!上星期我走上鴨仔山,那小山很近我將軍澳的家。我過去習慣每早六時半便起牀,現在我已關掉了鬧鐘。


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