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2021/05/07 04:13:20 網誌分類: 生活
07 May
          Last Tuesday morning I had a feeling of foreboding mixed with euphoria. The feeling of foreboding and euphoria stayed with me as I went to St. Paul’s Hospital. I had to be there by 10.30 for my second Pfizer/Biontech shot. I had a sense of foreboding before my first shot but it went away after I took it. The word “foreboding” means feeling something bad will happen. The word “euphoria” means feeling great excitement and happiness. My first shot only gave me a slightly sore (painful) arm around the injection area. The soreness (pain) went away after one day.

          I had a sense of foreboding for my second shot because I had read a second shot sometimes causes more side effects, such as fever and a sore arm. Most people do not have this sense of foreboding when taking a shot, but I am a worrier! At the same time, I had a feeling of euphoria because I knew after two shots I am well protected against the virus. The nurse who gave me the shot told me the second shot usually has more side effects. I again had a sore arm and felt a bit under the weather, which means feeling ill, but it went away after less than two days. I feel Hong Kong people should not mistrust the vaccine. Everyone should get vaccinated.

          But it should be a personal choice. The government is forcing all 370,000 foreign domestic helpers to get tested and said they must get vaccinated before renewing their contracts just because two caught a mutant virus. No one knows how they got infected. A local could have infected them. But Labour Secretary Law Chi-kwong said helpers are high risk because they meet friends during their days off. Even locals meet friends during their days off! Law Chi-kwong said helpers don’t have to work here if they refuse vaccinations because they are not residents. This is an arrogant threat. He should know Hong Kong’s economy will be seriously affected if large numbers of helpers left.



          我對於第二針注射有不好的預感(foreboding),因為我讀到有人說,第二針有時會引起更多副作用,例如發燒和手臂疼痛。大部份人打針都不會有這種不祥預感(foreboding),但我是個杞人憂天的人!與此同時,我感到興奮(euphoria),是因為我知道打了兩針過後,我就有良好的防護去抵抗新冠肺炎。給我打針的護士告訴我,第二針通常有較多副作用。我再次感到手臂疼痛(sore),也感到有點under the weather,意即身體有點不舒服,但在不到兩天之後,那些症狀亦已消散。我覺得香港人不應該不信任疫苗,人人都當接種疫苗。


        Michael Chugani 褚簡寧

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