Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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03 Jun
          There are countless harbours around the world but only a handful can truly boast to be a cut above the rest. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but most travel writers agree on a top ten list of the most breathtaking harbours. I am lucky to have seen some of those on the list. The word "handful" means a small number or the numbers you can count on one hand, which is five because a hand has five fingers. The expression "a cut above" means something or someone that is better than others. The expression "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is used to point out not everyone has the same opinion about who or what is beautiful.

          Some people may consider a painting or a person to be beautiful or a cut above the rest but others may disagree. If something is "breathtaking" it means it is very beautiful or impressive. Many travel writers list New York, Sydney, Hong Kong, Venice, Rio de Janeiro, and Vancouver as among the most breathtaking harbours. Different experts list these harbours in different orders. Some say New York has the most breathtaking harbour. Others prefer Sydney. My research showed Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour is on every list. I have seen the harbours in New York, Sydney, Venice, Vancouver, and, of course, Hong Kong. I hope to one day see the harbour in Rio de Janeiro.

          Numerous places have a good view of Victoria Harbour. My favourite place is Le 188° on the 41st floor of the Harbour Grand Hotel in Fortress Hill. The view of the harbour at Le 188° is out of this world. The expression "out of this world" means extraordinary or extremely good. It has a fantastic view of the harbour from west to east. Le 188° also has a rooftop to take great pictures. I have been there several times and was there again last week. I drank martinis, watched the sunset, and had dinner. A very enjoyable evening.


          世界各地有無數的海港,但真正能誇口比其他海港更勝一籌的(a cut above),實在寥寥可數(handful)。當然「情人眼裏出西施」(beauty is in the eye of the beholder),但大部份旅遊作家也會認同是哪十大海港最美,美得令人屏息(breathtaking)。我有幸見過首十位的其中幾個。Handful是指很小量,又或一隻手也數得完,即五以內的數量,因為一隻手只有五隻手指。習語 "a cut above" 是指某事物或人略優於其他的。習語 "beauty is in the eye of the beholder",是指人人的審美標準不盡相同,美與不美,言人人殊。

          有些人會認為一幅畫或一個人很美,或比其他略勝一籌(a cut above),但其他人或會不認同。若某物是breathtaking意即它美得很驚艷或壯觀。許多旅遊作家會推舉紐約、雪梨、香港、威尼斯、里約熱內盧和溫哥華為其中幾個美得最令人屏息(breathtaking)的海港。不同專家會給這些海港不同的排名,有些會說紐約擁有最壯觀(breathtaking)的海港,另一些人則選雪梨。我翻查資料發現,香港的維多利亞港總是榜上有名。我也見識過紐約、雪梨、威尼斯、溫哥華的海港,當然還有香港的。我希望終有一天我可以去看看里約熱內盧的海港。

          有許多地點都可以好好觀賞維多利亞港,我最喜歡的地方是炮台山港島海逸君綽酒店四十一樓的Le 188°餐廳及酒廊。Le 188°的海港景觀是 out of this world。習語 "out of this world" 的意思是無與倫比,宛如仙境的。它坐擁維港由西至東的壯麗景觀。Le 188°也擁有天台,在那裏可拍到最美的照片。我曾經去過幾次,上星期又再度到訪。我喝了馬丁尼,觀賞日落,品嚐晚餐,過了一個非常愜意的晚上。中譯:七刻

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