Kick Me In The Teeth

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08 Jul
          America’s roads, highways, and bridges are old and outdated for a wealthy country. That’s why President Joe Biden wants to spend billions on new infrastructure projects. One of America’s oldest highways is Route 66, built in 1926. It is nicknamed the Mother Road because it is one of the original and most famous highways in the US, originally starting from Chicago across many states before reaching California. The highway is also the name of a popular 1960s US TV series called Route 66 about two friends who travelled across the country in a Corvette. The TV series had a theme song which included the words “get your kicks on Route 66”.

          I heard the expression “get my kicks” while watching the 1978 movie Grease on Netflix. John Travolta, who also starred in Saturday Night Fever, played the main role. The word “kick” can be used in many idioms and proverbs even though its simple meaning is to use your foot to kick someone or something. The slang expression “get my kicks” or “get your kicks” means to enjoy or get excitement from something. I get my kicks from drinking martinis while watching the sunset with a harbour view. I love travelling and also get my kicks from having drinks at the Cathay Pacific lounge at Hong Kong airport before flying to places like Singapore, Penang, and Taiwan. The lounge is a relaxing place.

          But travelling is difficult now because of the coronavirus. I get my kicks now from watching Netflix because it is too hot to get my kicks from hiking in the country parks, which I love to do. Another expression I like with the word “kick” is “kick in the teeth”. If someone kicks you in the teeth, it means that person treats you unfairly or badly, especially when you need their support. I try my best never to kick in the teeth my friends or people I meet as a journalist even though some have kicked me in the teeth.


          美國的道路、公路和橋,以富庶國家而言可算老舊而落後的。因此總統祖‧拜登想投放數以十億美元在新的公共建設計劃之上。其中一條美國最古舊的公路,是建於一九二六年的六十六號美國國道。它也有「公路之母」的綽號,因為它是美國其中一條最早和最知名的公路,原先是由芝加哥起始,橫跨多個州分至加利福尼亞州。這條公路也成為了一九六零年代一套很受歡迎的美劇《六十六號公路》的名字,描述兩個朋友開着科爾維特車穿州過省遊歷的故事。這套電視劇集有一首主題曲,歌詞中有一句是“get your kicks on Route 66”。

          我在Netflix看一九七八年電影《油脂》時,亦有聽到“get your kicks”這個習語。男主角是尊特拉華達,他也曾出演《周末狂熱》。Kick一字有在許多成語和諺語中用到,即使它最簡單的意思是用腳踢(kick)某人或某物。習語“get my kicks”或“get your kicks”意思是享受去做某事,從中得到極大的樂趣或快感。我很享受(get my kicks)一邊喝着馬丁尼,一邊看着海港日落的景致。我喜愛旅遊,飛往新加坡、檳城和台灣等地之前,能在香港機場的國泰航空貴賓室喝上一杯,亦是我的一大樂事(get my kicks)。那個貴賓室實在是個愜意的地方。

          可是現在因為新冠肺炎疫情,要去旅遊已經很難了。現在我會以觀賞Netflix為樂(get my kicks),因為我雖然喜愛到郊野公園行山,自得其樂(get my kicks),但現在去行山實在太熱了。另一個我也喜歡,帶有“kick”字的習語是“kick in the teeth”。若某人kicks you in the teeth,意即那人待你不公或很差,尤其是當你需要他們支持、幫助的時候。我當新聞工作者的時候,亦盡力不去打擊或惡劣對待(kick in the teeth)我所遇到的朋友或人,即使有些人也曾待我很差(kicked me in the teeth)。[email protected]


        Michael Chugani 褚簡寧
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