Strolling down memory lane

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24 Aug
          Now that I have stopped my TV shows and columns except for Headline Daily, I spend my time walking down memory lane to the places I went to while growing up here. My memory lane is a long road with many happy places. The expression "memory lane" is not a real lane or road. It is an imaginary lane that people stroll through to nostalgically remember the past. You can lie in bed and remember the happy times of your life and places you have been to. Doing that is strolling down memory lane. The adverb "nostalgically" comes from the noun "nostalgia" which means a feeling of pleasure but also some sadness when you think about the past.

          In recent weeks I have gone down memory lane not only in an imaginary way but also in a real way. I used to take the Kowloon side Star Ferry to go to school on Hong Kong side. My friends and I used to rush to the pier to take the ferry. I have not taken the Star Ferry for years. A few weeks ago I took the ferry on Kowloon side to cross the harbour. It brought back nostalgic memories of my school days but it also made me angry with the government for demolishing the old Hong Kong side pier. As we approached the new pier I saw City Hall where I visited the library many times.

          City Hall used to be by the harbour facing Queen's Pier. It now faces a highway. The government demolished Queen's Pier and the Star Ferry pier to reclaim land and to build the Central-Wanchai bypass. I saw the huge area of reclaimed land on the footbridge leading to Central. It startled me even though I had seen it before. The Star Ferry and Queen's Pier were part of Hong Kong's collective memory. I welled up with anger because the government destroyed this part of my memory lane. To "well up" means to have an emotion build up inside you.


          現在除了這在《頭條日報》的專欄,我已停止了我所有的電視節目與專欄,便花了些時間走進「回憶長廊」(memory lane),再度探訪我在這兒長大的地方。我的回憶長廊(memory lane)相當悠長,有許多地方滿載快樂的回憶。習語 "memory lane" 並非一條真實的小巷或道路,它是想像中的記憶之巷,人們緬懷往事,懷舊地(nostalgically)追憶過去。你可以躺在牀上,追憶你人生中的快樂時光,以及你曾去過的地方——這就是strolling down memory lane,在回憶長廊之中溜達、漫步。副詞nostalgically來自名詞nostalgia,意思是當你回望過去、想當年時,就會有種懷舊之情,但當中又夾雜着愁緒。

          最近幾個星期,我漫步回憶長廊(memory lane),不獨在腦海中想像,也是真實地重訪。我以往總會從九龍搭天星小輪到港島區返學。我和我的朋友們總是匆匆忙忙地趕去搭渡海小輪。我已經多年沒有搭天星小輪了,數星期前,我在九龍搭小輪過海,這給我帶來了讀書時代的懷舊(nostalgic)回憶,但同時也令我惱怒政府拆卸了舊的中環天星碼頭。當船隻就近新碼頭時,我見到大會堂,那裏的公共圖書館我曾去過多遍。

          大會堂以前在海邊,正對着皇后碼頭,它現在則對着高速公路。政府拆卸皇后碼頭和天星碼頭,以填海搭建中環及灣仔繞道。從那通往中環的行人天橋上,我見到一大片填海得來的土地,這令我相當吃驚,雖然我以前已經見過。舊天星碼頭和皇后碼頭是香港集體回憶之一。我一腔怒火湧上心頭(welled up with anger),因為政府毀了我這一段回憶長廊(memory lane)。To "well up" 即是在內心湧現某種情緒。


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