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02 Sep
          As I said in my previous column, I left Hong Kong on August 17 for the US. My last trip to the US was in September 2018 when I went to Atlanta to interview former President Jimmy Carter for my TVB show Straight Talk, which I no longer do. That was a fleeting visit back to America. The word "fleeting" means lasting for a very short time. I was in Atlanta for just three days before returning to Hong Kong to fine-tune my recorded interview with Carter. The word "fine-tune" means to make small adjustments to something to make it much better.

          Friends have asked me if I will be in the US for good this time. I told them I will play it by ear. To "play it by ear" means to make decisions in a flexible way rather than follow a fixed plan. I am really enjoying the fresh air and the freedoms Americans take for granted. Being here has made me a happy-go-lucky person. A happy-go-lucky person is someone who doesn't plan much and accepts what happens without being worried. My San Diego relatives took me to a wealthy area called La Jolla which overlooks the Pacific Ocean. I saw huge ocean waves smash against the rocks.

          For the pronunciation of La Jolla, a Spanish-American word, and to watch the huge waves, go to my column in Popnews. There were large numbers of seals sunning on some rocks. The verb "sunning" means to lie or sit in the sun. La Jolla has plenty of restaurants. We had lunch in a sandwich restaurant. It was small but the servings were huge! One item on the menu was a cup of chicken soup and a half turkey and salad sandwich. The sandwich was so thick with turkey slices and salad I could not put my mouth around it! The soup was full of chicken pieces and vegetables. It was so delicious I finished it all but could only eat several mouthfuls of the sandwich.



          朋友們都有問我,今次可會永久留在美國?我跟他們說我會play it by ear。To "play it by ear" 即指沒有固定的計劃,只是見機行事、隨機應變。我實在很享受新鮮空氣與各樣的自由,這些都是美國人視作理所當然的。身處美國,令我變成一個happy-go-lucky的人。A happy-go-lucky person就是隨遇而安、樂天、不去杞人憂天的人。我在聖地牙哥的親戚帶了我去一個富裕的地區名拉霍亞,在那兒可眺望太平洋。我見到大海的浪濤拍岸,衝擊着大石。

          想知道拉霍亞的西班牙英文名La Jolla的發音,以及觀賞岸邊的大浪,可瀏覽我在頭條Popnews的專欄。在那海邊亦有大量的海豹在一些石頭上sunning——動詞sunning就是曬太陽。拉霍亞有許多食肆,我們去了一間三文治餐廳吃午餐。餐廳細小,食物份量卻很大!餐牌的其中一款是一碗雞湯配半份火雞沙律三文治。那件三文治夾着火雞塊與沙律,厚得我不能一啖咬下去!雞湯更滿是雞肉件和蔬菜,實在美味得很,我把它喝光了,但那件三文治我吃上幾口就飽了。


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