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09 Sep
          Many of you may know fusion cuisine means a style of cooking that combines traditional ingredients and cooking techniques from different cultures into a single dish. Fusion cuisine that combines East Asian and European food took off in a big way in the 1970s and is now common. Fusion restaurants have dishes that combine Thai or Vietnamese food with French or American food. If something “takes off in a big way” it means it becomes very popular on a large scale. In my previous column I wrote briefly about Tex-Mex cuisine. It is a fusion cuisine that blends Texas and Mexican food.

          As I said, I recently ate Tex-Mex food at an outdoor restaurant called Oasis overlooking a beautiful lake in Austin, Texas. My younger brother, his wife, and I had margaritas while enjoying the sunset over the lake. There are several ways to make a margarita cocktail but we chose the classic margarita which combines tequila, a sweet liqueur such as Cointreau, and lime juice. The combination is shaken in ice. Lime juice is also rubbed on the rim of the glass where some salt is put. We enjoyed our margaritas with nacho chips and salsa. Nachos are fried chips made from corn flour. You dip these chips into salsa, which is a spicy sauce made with chopped tomatoes, onions, and peppers.

          We then had fish tacos and quesadillas. Tacos originated in Mexico where corn flour is used to make soft flat bread called a tortilla that is filled with meat. Tex-Mex tacos use flour or crispy hard-shelled corn tortillas which are filled with fish or meat. Quesadillas originated in Mexico but have been Americanized in the US southwest. They are made with tortillas filled mostly with cheese but sometimes with meat and then grilled on a stove or hotplate called a griddle. A quesadilla is similar to a grilled cheese sandwich. Tex-Mex and Mexican cuisine are not popular in Hong Kong but I think people should try them. Go to Popnews for pronunciation of the dishes.

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          你們許多人或都知道, fusion cuisine的意思就是將不同國家的傳統材料與烹調技巧融合成一道菜式的創意料理。一種結合東亞與歐洲菜的無國界融合菜餚(fusion cuisine)於一九七○年代大受歡迎(took off in a big way),現在已非常普遍。融合菜餐廳會有結合了泰或越南以及法式或美式食物的菜式。若某事“takes off in a big way”意即它獲得了空前的成功、大受歡迎。在我上一篇文章中,我約略寫到德墨(Tex-Mex)菜——這是糅合了德州跟墨西哥菜的融合菜餚(fusion cuisine)。

          正如我上次所說,我最近在一間名Oasis 的戶外餐廳名吃了德墨(Tex-Mex)菜,那兒可眺望德州奧斯汀一個美麗的湖。我的弟弟、弟婦跟我一邊喝着瑪格麗塔酒(margaritas),一邊欣賞湖上日落。瑪格麗塔(margarita)雞尾酒有幾種做法,但我們選取了經典的瑪格麗塔(margarita),就是結合了龍舌蘭酒、甜酒如君度橙酒,以及一點青檸汁,將它們混在一起並加冰搖晃。杯邊也會擦些青檸汁,以及沾上一點點鹽。我們享用我們的瑪格麗塔,還有蘸上莎莎醬(salsa)的墨西哥粟米片(nacho)。Nachos就是用粟米製成的脆片,你會將這些脆片點上 salsa,就是用切粒的番茄、洋蔥和辣椒製成的辣醬。

          然後我們又吃墨西哥魚卷(tacos)及墨西哥芝士餡餅(quesadillas)。卷餅(tacos)源自墨西哥,當地又有用粟粉製成的軟薄餅名tortilla,會填入肉餡。德墨(Tex-Mex)卷餅(tacos)則是用麵粉製的又或脆硬的粟米薄餅(tortillas),填入魚肉或肉餡。墨西哥芝士餡餅(quesadillas)源自墨西哥,但在美國西南部已美式化,它們是用墨西哥薄餅,內裏多是加進芝士,但有時也會加肉,然後在爐上或用名為鏊子(griddle)的加熱板烤炙。A quesadilla跟烤芝士三文治有點似。德墨菜(Tex-Mex)跟墨西哥菜在香港也不是很流行,但我認為大家應該試試。你可去頭條 Popnews聽聽這些菜式的發音。

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