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23 Sep
          Being in the US has reminded me of many American slang expressions I seldom used in Hong Kong. I knew most people would not understand them. I heard two recently. One was “get out of my face”. This is an interesting expression that even people in English speaking countries such as Britain or Australia may not understand. You can get out of a house if it is on fire but how do you get out of a person's face? It is, of course, not possible to physically get into a person’s face and then get out. It is used when someone is annoying you or getting involved in what you are doing when you don’t want that person to get involved.

          You can then say “get out of my face”. It is a rude way to tell someone to go away, to stop annoying you, or to mind that person's own business. If a friend is always annoying you by criticizing your clothes or always asking how much you earn, you can say “get out of my face”. Another interesting American slang expression I recently heard is “get out of here”. This is not a rude expression even though it sounds rude. It does not literally mean you are telling someone to get out of, for example, your house. The expression is used in a friendly way to express disbelief.

          If you tell your parents you passed your exam with flying colours, they can say “get out of here” which means they are happy with disbelief. The expression “with flying colours” means doing something very successfully. You can say you passed a job interview with flying colours which means you did very well in the interview. If you tell your parents you passed the interview with flying colours and got the job, they can say “get out of here”. This means they are surprised you got the job but are happy you got it. I will explain more interesting expressions soon.


          身處美國,令我想起了許多我在香港很少會用到的美式俚語說法,因我知道香港大部份人都不會明白其意思。我最近就聽到兩個習語,其中一個是“get out of my face”。這是一個有趣的習語,即使是一些英語國家如英國或澳洲的人,也未必搞懂。若一間屋起火,你可以逃離(get out of)屋子,但你又如何可以「逃出」一個人的臉?當然,物理上你是不可能走進一個人的臉又走出來的,這是當某人在煩擾你,又或干涉你正在做的事情,而你又不想那個人參一腳,就可用到此習語。

          那麼你便可以說“get out of my face”——是較為粗魯地去叫人滾開,不要再煩着你,又或叫那人別多管閒事。若一位朋友常常批評你的衣着,又或問你賺多少錢,惹你生氣,你便可以說“get out of my face”。另一個我最近聽到的有趣美式俚語是“get out of here”,它並非無禮的習語,即使它聽起來好像有點粗魯。它並非按字面意思解為你叫某人離開某處,例如從你的屋子滾出去;這個習語是友善地表達某種懷疑或不信。

          若你告訴父母,你以優異的成績(with flying colours)通過了考試,他們便可以說“get out of here”,意思即是他們喜出望外,難以置信。習語“with flying colours”是指做某事做得非常出色、成功。你可以說你passed a job interview with flying colours,意即你面試時表現出色。若你告訴父母,你表現出色(with flying colours),通過了面試並成功獲取錄,他們便可以說“get out of here”,意即他們很意外你找到了工作,但也很為你高興。我很快會再解釋多些有趣的習語。



        Michael Chugani 褚簡寧
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