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07 Oct
          How many steps a day should people take to keep healthy? Different studies have shown different results. Some say people should take 6,000 steps daily while others say it should be 10,000. The health app in my smart phone suggests 6,000. I used to do that easily in Hong Kong by walking to most places and using the stairs instead of escalators. Now that I am in the US, it's harder because most people live in residential areas far away from supermarkets, shopping malls, or restaurants. They have to drive to these places. Two new studies released recently have created a buzz among researchers and health freaks.

          If something "creates a buzz" it means it causes excitement or great interest. The word "freak" has many meanings. One meaning is someone who is very interested in a particular subject or activity. Health freaks are people who care very much about their health. History freaks are very interested in history. The two recent studies found the healthiest number of steps a day is 7,000. That's why they created a buzz among researchers and health freaks. The experts who did one of the studies said 7,000 steps was the sweet spot. The expression "sweet spot" has several meanings but used this way it means a particular situation, point, or combination of things that is most effective or beneficial.

          Researchers found the point or range of steps a day most beneficial for staying healthy is 7,000. If people do 7,000 steps a day they will increase their chances of living longer. The researchers said sports such as cycling, swimming, or jogging for about 2.5 hours a week will achieve the same result. But they said doing more than 7,000 steps a day or exercising far more than 2.5 hours a week will not increase the chances of living longer. They warned over-exercising can be dangerous. Researchers said the sweet spot, or the most beneficial, for good health is 7,000 steps a day.


          人一天應該走幾多步,才能保持健康?不同的研究顯示不同的結論,一些會說人一天應走六千步,另一些則說應走一萬步。我智能電話的健康應用程式則建議要走六千步。我在香港的時候,常步行到不同的地方,以及不搭電梯而改行樓梯,通常很易就能達到。現在我身處美國,要做到就比較難,因為大部份人都住在住宅區,跟超市、購物商場或餐廳相距甚遠,他們都得駕車去那些地方。最近有兩個新的研究發表,在研究界以及關注健康人士(health freaks)中間造成轟動(created a buzz)。

          若某事 "creates a buzz",意即它引起廣泛興趣,造成了話題。Freak一字有許多意思,其中一個意思是特定範疇或活動的狂熱愛好者。Health freaks就是極其關注自身健康的人士; history freaks則是醉心鑽研歷史的歷史迷。最新的兩個研究發現,最健康的步數是一天七千步。因此它在研究人員與關注健康人士(health freaks)中間引起哄動(created a buzz)。其中一個研究的專家們指,七千步是sweet spot——習語 "sweet spot" 有幾個意思,但在這裏是指最恰當、最有效用的特定狀態、位置或各種因素的組合。

          研究人員發現,最有益健康的一天步數是七千步。若人們每天步行七千步,可以增加他們更長壽的機率。研究員指,每周進行兩個半小時的踏單車、游泳或跑步等活動,也可達到同樣的結果。然而他們又說,每天步行多於七千步,又或每周做運動多於兩個半小時,並不能再增加長壽的機率。他們更警告,過度運動可以很危險。研究員說,那個sweet spot,或說對健康「最有益的點」,就是一天走七千步。[email protected]


        Michael Chugani 褚簡寧

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