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26 Oct
          It seems like ages since, with a mixture of foreboding and euphoria, I went to Hong Kong airport for a midnight flight to Los Angeles. That was less than three months ago but it still seems like ages. If something seems like ages, or feels like ages, it means it seems a long time ago. The word “foreboding” means a feeling something bad will happen. The word “euphoria” means a feeling of excitement and happiness. When I left Hong Kong for the US in August I felt excited yet worried bad things could happen because I didn’t know my future plans. My only plan was to visit all my relatives.

          After arriving in the US less than three months ago, I have crisscrossed the country, staying with relatives. The word “crisscross” used this way means to travel back and forth many times. I’ve travelled to California, Texas, Georgia, Indiana, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. All my relatives were happy to see me and said I could stay in their homes for as long as I wanted. I am now living alone in a Manhattan apartment my younger brother owns. He said I could live here for as long as I wanted. If you like the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, you will like New York City. The expression “hustle and bustle” is used to describe a noisy place that is busy and exciting.

          New York City is a true melting pot. This means a place where different people with different cultures and ideas merge and mix. I recently took the subway (MTR) to Times Square, a famous, busy, and exciting district in New York City. I saw many unbelievable things which I will share in my next column. For now, one of the most interesting things I saw again after a long time was Times Square One. This is the building where a ball drops from the top at 11.59pm every New Year’s Eve and gets to the bottom at midnight to welcome in the New Year.


          自我從香港機場搭午夜航班飛往洛杉磯以來,感覺好像已過了很久很久(seems like ages),當中還夾雜一些不祥的預感(foreboding)與振奮(euphoria)的心情。那還不夠三個月之前,但感覺已經是很遙遠的事(seems like ages)了。若某事seems like ages,或feels like ages,意即感覺是很久之前的事了。 Foreboding是指有些不祥的預感;euphoria則是興高采烈與愉悅的心情。當我八月離開香港前赴美國時,我感到很興奮,但同時亦擔憂會有不好的事情發生,因為我不知道將來有甚麼打算,我當時唯一的計劃就是去探望我所有的親戚。

          在不足三個月前抵美之後,我「交叉」(crisscrossed)橫越美國,與不同的親戚住在一起。Crisscross在這裏是指多次交錯地往返遊歷不同的地方。我已到過加州、德州、佐治亞洲、印第安納州、特拉華州、馬里蘭州及賓夕凡尼亞州。我所有的親戚都很欣喜可以見到我,並說我住他們的家中,想住多久都可以。我現在獨個兒住在曼哈頓我弟弟擁有的一個單位中。他說我在這裏,想住多久就住多久。若你喜歡香港的hustle and bustle,你也會喜歡紐約市。習語“hustle and bustle”是用來形容一個忙碌、喧囂擾攘而又有趣的地方。

          紐約市實在是個真正的melting pot——意即這是一個大熔爐,各式各樣的人與文化、思想匯合而共冶一爐的地方。我最近搭地鐵(subway)去時代廣場,那是紐約市最知名、繁忙又有趣的地區。我遇見許多令人難以置信的事情,會在下一篇專欄中再分享。現在就先說其中一樣,我過了很久後重遇的有趣事物,就是一期時代廣場——那是一棟大樓,上面設有一個報時球,一到每年的大除夕晚上十一時五十九分,報時球就會由頂端下降,於子夜十二時落到底部,去迎接新一年的來臨。



        Michael Chugani 褚簡寧

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