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28 Oct
          As I said in my previous column, I am in New York City living alone in my younger brother’s Manhattan apartment. I have been to New York before when I lived in Washington DC, but I am now here for an indefinite stay. I am acquiring a taste for the sights and sounds of New York City. If you acquire a taste for something, it means you begin to like something. The expression “sights and sounds” means the things you see and sounds you hear. It is often used to describe the colourful neon lights, bright advertisements, and the noise in cities like New York, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

          My brother’s apartment looks out to Broadway, one of America’s longest and most famous streets. New York’s theatre district is in the downtown part of Broadway and its side streets. But New York’s most famous street is Fifth Avenue, one of the world’s most expensive shopping streets. It was nicknamed Millionaire’s Row in the early 20th century when rich Americans built luxury mansions there. Most of the mansions are gone, replaced by skyscrapers for expensive offices and apartments. The famous Trump Tower, owned by former President Donald Trump, is there. Fifth Avenue is within walking distance of Times Square. I explored the whole area recently and saw many amazing things.

          I saw a man with a guitar wearing only underpants, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat. He calls himself the Naked Cowboy and is a fixture in Times Square, even when it is snowing! The expression “a fixture” used this way means someone or something that is always at a particular place. I saw women putting their hands on the bottom of the Naked Cowboy to pose for pictures! I also saw several women wearing just tops and very tight underwear that exposed their bottoms. There were street performances and people in Batman and Spiderman costumes. I took pictures which you can see in Popnews. I think if such things happened in Hong Kong the police would make arrests.


          正如我在上一篇文章中所說,我現在獨個兒住在紐約市曼克頓我弟弟的單位中。我以前住在華盛頓特區時,曾到過紐約,但我現時在此地無限期居住。我開始喜歡(acquiring a taste)紐約市的熱鬧風光(sights and sounds)。若你acquire a taste for something,意即你開始喜歡某事物。習語“sights and sounds”是指你看到的景象和聽到的聲音,它通常是用來形容像紐約、香港和東京這些城市裏,五光十色的霓虹燈、璀璨的廣告牌與眾聲鼎沸。


          我遇見一個挽着結他的男人,只穿內褲、牛仔靴和牛仔帽。他叫自己做赤裸牛仔,是時代廣場的fixture,即使下雪他也是這身穿着!習語“a fixture”在這裏是指某人或某物長期駐守或固定於某特定地方。我也見到有些女人會將手放在赤裸牛仔的下半身,擺姿勢合照!我又見到幾個女人,僅穿着上衣與非常貼身的內衣褲,連屁股也露出來了。那兒亦有街頭表演,還有打扮成蝙蝠俠和蜘蛛俠的人。我拍了些照片,你可以在Popnews上見到。我想,要是這樣的事情發生在香港,警察會加以拘捕吧。



        Michael Chugani 褚簡寧

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