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16 Nov
          It’s been years since I went to a Turkish restaurant. I faintly remember going to one in Hong Kong’s Soho district eight years ago. If you faintly remember something, it means you don’t have a clear memory of it. Last week I went to a Turkish restaurant in New York City for dinner with distant relatives I had never met before. My younger brother, who likes to keep in touch with distant relatives, invited them. Close relatives are people such as parents, sons, daughters, siblings, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Distant relatives are people not closely related, such as cousins, second cousins, and great aunts. We went to Bodrum, a pricey (expensive) Turkish restaurant in Manhattan.

          It is so popular you must call several days ahead for a table. There were seven of us. Luckily, my younger brother paid the pricey bill. The Manhattan apartment I now live in also belongs to him. They don’t live in the apartment and gave me the keys! We sat outdoors at Bodrum in an area with an overhead covering which has heating lamps. New York City has many outside seating areas with heating lamps to keep customers warm in the winter. Customers like to sit outside for better protection from the coronavirus. Turkish food is very similar to Greek food. The two countries are next to each other but have vastly different religions.

          I, of course, started with a martini, my favourite drink. The others all had red wine. I ate a coriander pan-fried salmon with ratatouille. Ratatouille is a French dish of stewed vegetables. It is available in some Hong Kong restaurants. Listen to my Popnews for the pronunciation of this French word. Try it with a martini or red or white wine. You will like it. My brother, his wife, and my distant relatives had interesting Turkish dishes. I will explain these mouth-watering dishes in my next column. If food is mouth-watering, it means it is delicious or appetizing.


          我上次到一間土耳其菜餐廳進膳,已是多年前的事了。我隱約記得(faintly remember)八年前到過香港蘇豪地區的一間。若你faintly remember something,意即你對某事的記憶有點模糊、依稀、不大清楚。上星期我跟一個我素未謀面的遠房親戚(distant relatives),去了紐約市一間土耳其菜餐廳吃晚餐。弟弟喜歡跟遠親(distant relatives)保持聯絡,他們就是我弟弟邀請過來的。Close relatives就是近親,例如父母、子女、兄弟姊妹、姨媽姑姐、叔伯舅父和祖父母等;distant relatives則是遠房親戚,例如疏堂老表、父母堂表的子女,以及伯婆叔婆姨婆舅婆姑婆⋯⋯那些。我們去了「博德魯姆」,一間在曼哈頓很貴價(pricey)的土耳其菜餐廳。


          我當然是以我最愛的飲品——馬天尼作起始。其他人全都喝紅酒。我吃了芫荽煎三文魚,伴的是ratatouille。Ratatouille即普羅旺斯燉菜,是法國菜,在香港某些餐廳也能吃到。你可去我在Popnews的專欄聽聽這個法語字的發音。伴酒的話,可以試試用馬天尼、紅酒又或白酒,相信你會喜歡。我弟弟、弟婦和我的遠親(distant relatives)都點了一些很有趣的土耳其菜式,我會在下一篇文章中說說這些令人流口水(mouth-watering)的菜式。若食物是 mouth-watering,意即它非常美味開胃,令人垂涎欲滴。



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