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23 Dec
          Many of you will know I love pizza although I seldom indulge myself nowadays. I indulge in pizza every few months but limit myself to two slices with red wine or martinis. To indulge yourself means to allow yourself to have something enjoyable. I don’t indulge in pizza often because it’s unhealthy. New York City is famed (well-known) for pizzas. There are numerous restaurants and take-out shops that sell different types of pizzas. Most take-out pizza places have tables and chairs outside. There is a take-out pizza shop with outdoor seating below my Manhattan apartment. Every time I walk past I see people wolfing down a large slice of pizza.
  To wolf down something means to eat it very fast, greedily, or hungrily. The expression “wolf down” comes from the saying “eat like a wolf”. Last week I went with a friend to Little Italy, which is in downtown Manhattan adjacent to (next to) Chinatown. It is called Little Italy because many Italian immigrants settled in Lower Manhattan in the 1880s, bringing with them Italian culture and cuisine. Chinatowns across the US started the same way when Chinese immigrants settled in many districts. At first, Manhattan’s Little Italy was quite big but it is now smaller than Chinatown. My friend and I went to Chinatown’s best bakery to buy pineapple buns to take home. I love pineapple buns with milk tea for breakfast. The shop assistants all spoke Cantonese and were surprised I could speak it too.
  After buying pineapple buns we walked to Little Italy for dinner. We found an Italian restaurant called Ristorante Da Gennaro which also had outdoor seating. It was cold but we sat outside. Outdoor tables in Manhattan are covered and have heating lamps. We started with a Merlot red wine and Bruschetta, an Italian appetizer of toasted bread with chopped tomatoes, cilantro, and olive oil. My friend and I had pizza, which paired (matched) well with Merlot. You will like Little Italy if you visit Manhattan.
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  你們許多人都會知道我喜愛吃薄餅,雖然我現在已鮮有放縱自己(indulge myself)了。我會縱容自己(indulge in)隔幾個月吃薄餅,但都是一片起兩片止,伴着紅酒或馬天尼來吃。 To indulge yourself就是縱容你自己去享樂。我不會放任無度的(indulge in)常吃薄餅,因為那不大健康。紐約市的薄餅是出了名(famed)的好吃,有許多的餐廳和外賣店售賣各式各樣的薄餅。大部分薄餅外賣店外,都有設置餐桌椅。在曼哈頓我住的單位樓下,就有一間附設露天座位的薄餅外賣店。我每次經過的時候,都會見人狼吞虎嚥地吃着(wolfing down)一大片的薄餅。
  To wolf down something意即飢餓、貪婪、狼吞虎嚥地吃食物。習語“wolf down”來自諺語“eat like a wolf”——像狼一樣貪婪地吃。上星期我跟一位朋友去了小意大利,就是曼哈頓下城、毗鄰(adjacent to)唐人街的一個小區。它名為小意大利,是因為在一八八零年代,有許多意大利移民在下曼哈頓區安頓,同時也帶來了意大利文化與佳餚。同樣地,華裔移民在美國不同的地區安頓下來,亦形成了美國各地的唐人街。起初曼哈頓的小意大利佔地不少,但現在它比唐人街要細小。我和友人去了唐人街最好的一間麵包店買菠蘿包回家吃。我就喜愛吃菠蘿包和奶茶當早餐。店員全都說廣東話,也很意外我懂得說廣東話。
  買過菠蘿包,我們便去小意大利吃晚飯。我們發現了一間意大利餐廳名 Ristorante Da Gennaro,也有露天雅座。當天天氣頗冷,但我們也坐在室外。曼哈頓的露天座位都會有熱燈覆蓋,給顧客保暖。我們以梅洛紅酒和 Bruschetta開始, Bruschetta就是意式前菜,在多士上鋪碎番茄、芫荽和橄欖油混合的餡料。我和朋友都吃了薄餅,與梅洛酒搭配(paired)起來甚好。若你有機會到曼哈頓一遊,你也一定會喜歡小意大利的。mickchug@gmail.com
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