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18 Jan
        Scandals feed on themselves. That has happened to Witman Hung Wai-man's birthday bash. As a local delegate to China's National People's Congress, he invited numerous guests to his birthday bash at a restaurant, including top government officials and Legislative Council members. Two confirmed coronavirus-infected people attended the party. Before I discuss this scandal I will keep my promise to explain why I drank wine with lunch during my Christmas trip to San Diego, California. I only drink alcohol in the evening but while in San Diego I went to a town called San Clemente. It has a beautiful restaurant with outside seating facing the Pacific Ocean.

My relative and I went there on a sunny day for lunch at a table overlooking the ocean. It had a pleasant feel, unlike the frigid (very cold) weather of New York City where I live. We relaxed with alcoholic drinks to watch the ocean waves. My tuna sandwich was so big I took half home. You can see my sandwich and the restaurant on Popnews. I will now return to the scandal of Hung Wai-man's birthday bash. The expression “feed on itself” means to grow bigger as details of the scandal emerge. A birthday bash is a very big birthday party. The media at first reported about 170 attended the birthday bash.

But over 200 attended, including gate-crashers, which means uninvited guests. An invited guest and her gate-crashing friend who arrived at 9.30 have both tested positive. Guests who arrived or stayed at the party after 9.30, including top government officials and legislators, have been sent to Penny's Bay for quarantine. Pro-establishment people blame Cathay flight attendants for bringing Omicron to Hong Kong by not following quarantine rules. But two wrongs don't make a right, which means it is unacceptable to do something wrong because someone else has done it. Government officials ignored advice to not attend large gatherings. Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor demanded the Cathay chairman take responsibility for the behavior of Cathay staff but refused to apologize for the behavior of officials. She and her officials are unqualified leaders.

醜聞會自行膨脹,愈演愈烈(feed on themselves)——這就是洪為民生日盛會(birthday bash)所發生的情況。身為港區全國人大代表,洪邀請了許多嘉賓到他在餐廳舉辦的生日盛會(birthday bash),當中包括政府高官與立法會議員。兩名後來確診感染新冠肺炎的人士亦出席了派對。在討論這宗醜聞之前,我會信守承諾,解釋一下我去加州聖地牙哥度聖誕期間,怎麼會在午膳時喝起酒來。我一般只會在傍晚時分喝酒,但我在聖地牙哥時,去了一個小鎮名聖克萊門特,它有一間美麗的餐廳,設有面向太平洋的露天雅座。

我和親戚在晴朗的一天到那餐廳,坐在能眺望大海的座位上共進午餐。那兒感覺舒適宜人,不像我住的紐約市那般天氣寒冷(frigid)。我們喝酒放鬆心情,靜看海浪翻騰。我的吞拿魚三文治大得要打包一半回家。你可以在Popnews上看我那三文治和餐廳的相片。我現在要回去談洪為民的生日盛會(birthday bash)了。習語“feed on itself”意即醜聞的細節愈揭愈多,以至醜聞愈鬧愈大。A birthday bash就是盛大的生日慶典。傳媒起初報道這生日盛會(birthday bash)約有一百七十人出席。

然而事實是有逾二百人出席,包括gate-crashers,即未被邀請而自行入場者。一名受邀賓客和她一位擅自入場(gate-crashing)的朋友,於當晚九時半進場,檢測結果雙雙呈陽性。那些九時半後到場或留至九時半後的賓客,包括政府高官與立法會議員,都被送至竹篙灣接受隔離檢疫。建制派人士責備國泰航空的空中服務員並未遵守隔離檢疫規定,而將Omicron病毒帶來香港。可是, two wrongs don’t make a right,意即不能用別人的過錯來掩飾自己的錯誤;即使別人犯了同樣的錯,也不代表自己就是對的。政府官員無視不應出席大型聚會的忠告。特首林鄭月娥要求國泰主席為國泰員工的行為負責,她自己卻拒絕為官員的行為道歉。她和她的官員都是不合格的領袖。
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