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04 Aug
        Like most Hong Kong people, I was horrified (very shocked) when I watched the video of a giant screen that came crashing down during a concert by Canto-pop boy band sensation Mirror. The 4 metres by 4 metres screen, which was showing the concert, hit two dancers but missed two members of Mirror who were also on stage. The screen hit one dancer, 27-year-old Mo Lee Kai-yin, directly on the head and then hit another dancer. Mo Lee is in critical condition and may be paralyzed from the neck down. An initial investigation showed one of the cords that held up the suspended screen broke.

If just watching the video of the accident horrified me, those at the concert who saw the screen plummet and hit the dancers must have been traumatized beyond words. If a band is a sensation it means the band causes a lot of excitement and interest. The 12 young members of Mirror are heartthrobs in Hong Kong. A heartthrob is a famous male, usually a singer or actor, who is attractive to women. The word “suspended” has several meanings but used this way it means hanging in mid-air with the use of ropes or cords. To plummet means to fall straight down very fast.

To be traumatized means to be shocked and upset for a long time because of an emotionally disturbing experience such as a death in the family or being involved in a serious car accident. If you are traumatized beyond words it means words cannot describe how traumatized you are. Mirror has a huge following in Hong Kong. Its concerts are always sold out. Fans are willing to pay a lot for tickets. Many fans were so traumatized they sought help from the Red Cross. Hong Kong should be proud of Mirror’s talent. I am an older person and prefer music from my generation but I really pray and hope Mo Lee will recover.
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若單單觀看意外的影片已令我十分震驚(horrified),那些在演唱會現場看着屏幕墮落(plummet)而擊中舞蹈員的人,必定心靈受創得難以形容(traumatized beyond words)。若一隊樂隊是個sensation,意即該樂隊引起轟動與廣大興趣。MIRROR十二名年輕成員是香港的 heartthrobs——a heartthrob就是萬人迷、女性迷戀的名人,通常是男歌手或演員。Suspended有好幾個意思,但在這裏是指用繩索或鋼纜懸掛於半空之中。To plummet即急速墜落。

To be traumatized是指因為一個令人情緒深受困擾的經歷,例如家人離世或遭遇嚴重車禍,而心理受創,長時間感到震驚與難過。若你是 traumatized beyond words,意即言語都不能表達你心理有多受創傷。MIRROR有許多追隨者,演唱會門票總是售罄。歌迷都願意用高價購買門票。許多歌迷心理受創(traumatized),尋求紅十字會的援助。香港應該以擁有MIRROR的才藝自豪。我屬於老一輩的人,比較喜歡我那一代的音樂,但我衷心祈求,希望阿Mo能康復。
Michael Chugani 褚簡寧
Michael Chugani 褚簡寧 - traumatized beyond words|又中又英
 Michael Chugani 褚簡寧 - traumatized beyond words|又中又英 
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