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        There are many words in the English language which, when used in idioms or expressions, have a different meaning. I am sure you all know what a candle is. It is a stick-like object made with wax. Candles have a wick at one end. A wick is a piece of string in the centre of a candle that supplies fuel to a flame. But the word “candle” has a completely different meaning when used in the idiom “can’t hold a candle to”. If you can’t hold a candle to someone else it means you are not as good as that person. I know how to cook but can’t hold a candle to my younger brother.

This means my younger brother is a much better cook. If you like a particular author but feel his first novel was much better than his second one, you can say his second novel can’t hold a candle to his first one. A pony is a small type of horse. It can also mean a small glass or the measure of alcohol that makes up one drink. A pony of whiskey means one drink of whiskey. But the word “pony” has a completely different meaning when used in the American slang expression “pony up”.

To pony up means to pay a particular amount of money that is needed for something. It is often used when people are reluctant to pay the money. If you owe your friend a large amount of money but have not repaid it for a long time, your friend can ask you to pony up, or pay up. The expression can be used for different types of situations. If you lose in a card game but don’t have the money, the other players can ask you to pony up. If you go to a restaurant for dinner but don’t have the money to pay, the restaurant manager can ask you to pony up or he will call the police.
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英文裏有許多字詞,當用於成語或習語中的時候,會帶來不同的意思。我肯定你們人人都知道 candle是甚麼,那就是蠟燭。蠟燭(candles)的一端有wick——a wick就是燭芯,是在蠟燭(candle)中心導引燃料至火焰的繩。但在成語“can’t hold a candle to”中用到“candle”一字時,它卻有截然不同的意思。若你 can’t hold a candle to someone else,它的意思是你比不上某人,無法跟那人相提並論,連給他端蠟燭也不配。我懂得下廚,但can’t hold a candle to my younger brother。

這句話的意思是,我弟弟比我更懂得烹調做飯,我遠遠比不上他。若你喜歡某一特定的作家,但認為他第一部小說要比其第二部小說好得多了,你便可以說 his second novel can’t hold a candle to his first one,第二部小說比首部小說遜色。A pony是矮種馬,但它也可以解作小酒杯又或一小杯酒。A pony of whiskey就是一小杯威士忌。但在美式俚語“pony up”中使用“pony”時,它卻有截然不同的意思。

To pony up是按某物的需要去付特定數目的錢,通常是在人不願意付那筆錢時,就會用到這個俚語。若你欠你朋友一大筆錢,但久未償還欠款,那你的朋友便可以叫你pony up,付清那筆欠款。這個習語可以在不同的情境下使用。若你在一次卡牌遊戲中輸了但又不夠錢,其他玩家可以叫你pony up。若你去一間餐廳吃晚餐,卻沒有錢結帳,那麼餐廳經理便可以叫你pony up,否則報警。
Michael Chugani 褚簡寧
Michael Chugani 褚簡寧 - To pony up|又中又英
 Michael Chugani 褚簡寧 - To pony up|又中又英 
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