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15 Nov
        Legislative Councillor Doreen Kong Yuk-foon hit the nail on the head. Many other Hong Kong people have also hit the nail on the head. Kong Yuk-foon last week took the government to task for its coronavirus rules. Hitting the nail on the head means being exactly right about something. To take someone to task means to criticize that person for doing something wrong or illogical. Kong Yuk-foon criticized the government for its illogical Covid rules, saying frequent rule changes are confusing the public. I fully agree with her view that different restrictions on different premises in Hong Kong are confusing people.

I am not in Hong Kong but just reading about the frequent rule changes has made my head spin. The expression “make your head spin” has several meanings but used this way it means to confuse you. I agree with the Hong Kong people who say relaxing rules a little bit at a time is confusing and makes it hard for them and businesses to return to normal. As I have said in previous columns, I am now on holiday in Taipei. People are once again living normal lives even though masks are still required. The government has said it will gradually ease mask rules this month.

The Hong Kong government needs to accept the reality the coronavirus won’t disappear. It should tell Hong Kong people it will lift all coronavirus rules if they are willing to increase the vaccination rate. Hong Kong already has a high vaccination rate but some people still refuse to get vaccinated. Restrictions should apply to them only, not everyone.

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立法會議員江玉歡說中要害(hit the nail on the head),許多其他香港人也同樣說到重點了(hit the nail on the head)。上星期,江玉歡責難政府(took the government to task)的防疫措施 。Hitting the nail on the head是指對某事的見解一針見血、說中要害。To take someone to task即嚴詞批評或責備某人做錯事或做事違反常理。江玉歡批評政府那些不合邏輯的防疫措施,說政府頻繁改動措施令公眾混淆。我完全同意她的觀點,香港不同的處所各有不同的限制,實在令人非常混淆。

我並不在香港,但單單讀到那些頻密的措施改動就已made my head spin——習語“make your head spin”有幾個意思,但在這裏是指令你很困惑、頭昏腦脹。我認同許多香港人說,每次逐少放寬措拖,實在令人混淆,亦令香港人及商戶難以重返正軌。正如我在之前的文章中所說,我正在台北度假。雖然在這裏還是要戴口罩,但人們已重新過正常生活,政府亦說會在今個月逐步放寬口罩規定。


Michael Chugani 褚簡寧
Michael Chugani 褚簡寧 - Hitting the nail on the head|又中又英
 Michael Chugani 褚簡寧 - Hitting the nail on the head|又中又英 
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