How to design wedding cards?

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09 Dec

As long as you pay for some printing service, you can receive a letterpress wedding card. Here are a few steps. How to write a wedding card?
1. Invitation creation time
When does it need to be made? The wedding card should be sent out a few weeks before the wedding. This will take at least one month. All wedding cards must be received one month before the wedding. If there are errors or multiple contents need to be reprinted, the remaining time will be adjusted. There are still several questions. What is the size of the invitation? What kind of paper do you need?
2. Print marriage card
Every invitation has a trick. If you use the cut invitation panel, it is better to completely avoid the edge area and only put the text and photos in the middle. It is important to choose the correct printer and paper. The method of placing the printer on the paper and the type of ink used play an important role in the selected paper. If you plan to use cover paper, use a longer printer on the front. The thickness of the paper formalizes the invitation and makes people feel professional. Linen and felt woven paper are also endowed with more visual interest and texture. Before purchasing all the required paper, in order to confirm which size and type of paper is most effective, samples should be taken for testing.
3. Wedding card design
Buy in complementary colors, strengthen the design of the invitation letter, and design enough light colors to display the address. Whether using metal paper or patterns, lining is a good way to wear invitations. The invitation letter is decorated with gold transparent thread ribbon, the envelope is wrapped with chrysanthemum decorative gifts, and the square is sealed. There is also a small card for the bride.

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