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17 Jan
        Last month I watched the 2022 movie Elvis on TV. It is available on several streaming services. Austin Butler, the actor who played Elvis Presley, did a fantastic job. I was not surprised when he won the Golden Globe award for best actor in the drama category. Most older people will be familiar with Elvis Presley. He died in 1977 at the young age of 42 from heart disease but he is still called The King of Rock‘n’Roll. His other nickname is Elvis the Pelvis. A pelvis is the set of bones that connects the legs and spine.

People called him Elvis the Pelvis because he was able to move his hips and legs in a very unusual way while singing. Elvis was married to Priscilla Presley and had only one child, Lisa Marie Presley. She was only nine when Elvis died. I was shocked to read the news on January 12 that she died of cardiac arrest at the age of 54. She tragically died just one day after the actor who played her father in the movie Elvis won the Golden Globe award for best actor. A cardiac arrest means the sudden and quick loss of heart function. She had four failed marriages and had admitted to using drugs.

One of her husbands was Michael Jackson, the superstar who also died of cardiac arrest in 2009 at the age of 50. They were married for just two years. Lisa Marie had a striking resemblance to her father Elvis. The expression “striking resemblance” means she looked very much like her father. She is now with her father if you believe in God.
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上個月我在電視上看了二○二二年的電影《貓王》,它在好幾個串流平台上都可以收看。飾演艾維斯‧皮禮士利的演員奧斯汀畢拿,演繹十分精采。對於他贏得金球獎戲劇類最佳男演員,我毫不意外。大部份年長的人對「貓王」艾維斯‧皮禮士利絕不陌生。他於一九七七年因心臟病發,以四十二歲之齡早逝,但無阻他被稱為「搖滾樂之王」。他的另一個暱稱是Elvis the Pelvis——a pelvis就是連接下肢與脊柱的盤骨。

人們叫他做Elvis the Pelvis,因為他可以在唱歌的時候用很奇特的方式擺動他的臀部與雙腳。艾維斯只曾跟普里西拉結婚,且只有一個女兒,麗莎‧瑪莉‧皮禮士利。貓王逝世時,她只得九歲。當我於一月十二日讀到新聞報道,她因死於心搏驟停(cardiac arrest)而終年五十四歲時,我非常震驚。那位於《貓王》中飾演她父親的演員剛剛贏得金球獎影帝後的一天,她便英年早逝。A cardiac arrest是指心臟突然停止跳動。她有過四段婚姻,但都離婚收場,生前亦曾承認有濫藥的習慣。

她的其中一任丈夫是米高積遜,這位天王巨星於二○○九年同樣死於心臟驟停(cardiac arrest),終年五十歲。他們的婚姻只維持了兩年。麗莎跟她的父親貓王有a striking resemblance——習語 striking resemblance是指她跟她父親驚人地相似。若你相信上帝,那她現在已經與她的父親在一起了。
Michael Chugani 褚簡寧
Michael Chugani 褚簡寧 - Elvis the Pelvis|又中又英
 Michael Chugani 褚簡寧 - Elvis the Pelvis|又中又英 
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