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16 Feb
        Have you heard of ChatGPT? I read about it in the media only very recently even though it was launched over two months ago. It’s making a big splash all over the world, but I don’t fully understand how it works. ChatGPT is an app that tests the limits of AI, which means artificial intelligence. It has taken the US by storm. It had more than one million users just five days after the US artificial intelligence company OpenAI made the app available. Estimates show it is the fastest growing app of all time, with over 100 million active users just two months after it became available.

If something makes a big splash, it means it becomes suddenly very successful. The expression “take something by storm” has a similar meaning. If you test the limits of something it means you try to find out how far you can go in doing something. OpenAI tried to test, or find out, how far it can go in using artificial intelligence. Many people who have used ChatGPT believe OpenAI has successfully tested the limits of AI. But many people also fear that AI has no limits. The fear is that humans will depend too much on AI if we continue to improve AI.
ChatGPT is like your private secretary. It helps you write emails, essays, fiction stories, exam papers, and even emails to your friends, husband, or wife. Some people fear apps like ChatGPT will replace the jobs of many, but others feel AI is the future. What do you think? I welcome opinions.
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你有聽過 ChatGPT嗎?我只是到了很近期才在傳媒上讀到關於它的新聞,雖然它在超過兩個月之前已經發行了。它在全球各地一石激起千層浪(making a big splash),但我也未完全搞懂它是如何運作的。ChatGPT是一個程式,測試着AI,即人工智能的極限(tests the limits of AI)。它的風頭亦席捲整個美國(taken the US by storm),在美國人工智能公司OpenAI將該程式推出市場的短短五天後,已有超過一百萬人使用。現時的估算顯示,它是史上冒起得最快的程式,面世不過兩個月,已有超過一億個活躍的用家。

若某事物makes a big splash,意即它一炮而紅、一舉成名;習語“take something by storm”亦有相近的意思,就是風靡一時,造成很大的轟動。若你test the limits of something,意即你嘗試找出你做某事的極限。OpenAI就在嘗試,去測試或找出它運用人工智能可以走得有多遠。許多使用過 ChatGPT 的人認為,OpenAI已經成功測試到人工智能的極限(tested the limits of AI)。然而,許多人同樣擔憂,人工智能永無止境。他們憂慮的是,若果我們繼續改善人工智能,人類會過份倚賴人工智能。

Michael Chugani 褚簡寧
Michael Chugani 褚簡寧 - Making a big splash|又中又英
 Michael Chugani 褚簡寧 - Making a big splash|又中又英 
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