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28 Feb
        Hong Kong has a fair share of gruesome murders. Some of these murders have monikers (nicknames), such as the Jars Killer, the Hello Kitty Murder, and the Milkshake Murderer. The Jars Killer was a taxi driver who separately murdered four women passengers in the 1980s and preserved some body parts in jars. The 1999 Hello Kitty murder involved the torture of a nightclub hostess by three men who stuffed her head inside a Hello Kitty doll. The 2003 Milkshake Murderer involved an American woman who gave her wealthy American husband a milkshake mixed with a drug that made him sleep, then bludgeoned him to death for abusing her.

To have a fair share of something means to have more than enough of something bad. The word “gruesome” means very unpleasant and shocking. To bludgeon someone to death means to kill someone by beating that person to death with a weapon like a heavy stick. The details of the Jars Killer, the Hello Kitty Murder, and the Milkshake Murderer are too grisly for me to describe. The word “grisly” means too shocking and disgusting. Hong Kong was horrified by another grisly murder last week of a 28-year-old model and influencer (KOL) Choy Tin-fung.

Police have arrested the model’s former husband, his parents and elder brother for alleged involvement in the murder. A meat grinder, electric saw, and pots of soup containing human parts were found in the apartment where she was murdered. The alleged murder involved a dispute between the model and her former husband and family regarding a luxury apartment. Police say it was a premeditated murder, which means the murder was planned.
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香港有着過多(a fair share)毛骨悚然的(gruesome)兇殺案。當中有些兇殺案還有外號(monikers),例如標本樽殺手、Hello Kitty藏屍案,以及毒奶昔殺人案。標本樽殺手又名「雨夜屠夫」,他本身是名的士司機,於1980年代分別殺害4名乘客,將其中一些死者身體部位存放於標本玻璃樽內。1999年的Hello Kitty藏屍案,涉及3個男人虐待一位夜總會陪酒小姐,最後將其頭顱塞進一個Hello Kitty洋娃娃內。2003年的毒奶昔殺人案,則涉及一名美國籍女子,因其富有的美籍丈夫虐待她,而在奶昔中混入藥物使其昏睡,再以重物擊斃他(bludgeon someone to death)。

To have a fair share of something是指遭遇或者有着過多的壞事情。Gruesome是指非常厭惡、陰森可怕、令人毛骨悚然的。To bludgeon someone to death就是用一個武器,例如一支大棍,重重擊打某人致死。雨夜屠夫、 Hello Kitty藏屍案與毒奶昔殺人案的細節都grisly得我難以形容—— grisly一字是指太驚悚、恐怖、毛骨悚然的。上星期又有另一單可怕的(grisly)兇殺案震驚全港,就是28歲的模特兒和網紅(influencer)蔡天鳳被殺一案。

警方已經以涉嫌參與謀殺拘捕了模特兒的前夫、他的父母及兄長。她被殺害的單位現場,發現一部碎肉機、電鋸及一些湯煲。這宗兇殺案疑是涉及模特兒與其前夫及前夫家人就一幢豪宅而引起的金錢糾紛。警方指這是一宗 premeditated murder,意即有預謀的殺人事件。
Michael Chugani 褚簡寧
Michael Chugani 褚簡寧 - A fair share of gruesome murders|又中又英
 Michael Chugani 褚簡寧 - A fair share of gruesome murders|又中又英 
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