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13 Apr
        Time flies, as the old saying goes, which means time seems to pass very quickly. I find it hard to believe it's been nearly two years since I left Hong Kong for the US. I have taken so many flights visiting US relatives that I no longer remember how many. My last flight was from Los Angeles to Taipei. Soon I will board another plane, this time from Taipei to Hong Kong. One of the things I dread about flying is an announcement saying my flight has been delayed. To dread something means to be worried or afraid something will or may happen.

Most US airports are a far cry from airports such as those in Singapore, Doha, and Tokyo Haneda. The expression "a far cry from" means very different from something else. The airports in Singapore, Doha, and Tokyo Haneda were recently rated the world's top three. US airports are very different from these top airports. They are basic compared to Singapore's airport which has an indoor waterfall, and Doha's airport which has been described as the most architecturally significant and luxurious in the world. Many flights were delayed during my US travels. I had to pace the floor at the airport while waiting for my flight.

To pace the floor means to walk back and forth or round and round when you feel angry or nervous. Another thing I dread about flying is turbulence, a weather condition which causes a plane to shake. Experts say turbulence is rising because of climate change. The safest thing during turbulence is fastening your seatbelt. I fasten mine for the whole flight except when I use the toilet.
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俗語有云:time flies,意即時光飛逝。我發覺我很難相信,自我離開香港赴美,已經接近2年了。我搭了無數的飛機去探訪美國的親戚,多得我都記不起搭了多少程。最後的一程飛機是由洛杉磯飛往台北。很快我便會搭乘另一班飛機,今次是由台北飛往香港。搭飛機其中一樣我懼怕(dread)的是,廣播宣佈我的航班延誤。To dread something是指憂心或害怕某事情將會或可能發生。

大部份美國的機場都與其他的機場如新加坡、多哈和東京羽田機場大不相同(a far cry from)。習語「a far cry from」是指迥然不同的。在新加坡、多哈和東京羽田的機場,最近獲評為全球頭三位。美國機場跟這些頂級的機場相去甚遠,相比起有室內瀑布的新加坡機場,以及在建築學上被形容為世上最值得關注和豪華的多哈機場,美國的機場都很簡陋。我周遊美國期間,許多航班都延誤,我等候航班時,要在機場pace the floor。

To pace the floor是指你在感到生氣又或緊張時來回踱步,又或兜兜轉轉的踱來踱去。另一樣我對於飛行感到懼怕(dread)的是turbulence,就是令飛機搖晃的亂流。專家們說,因為氣候變化,亂流(turbulence)也有所增加。遇上不穩定的氣流(turbulence)期間,最安全的事就是扣緊安全帶。除了去廁所,我搭飛機會全程扣好安全帶。
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Michael Chugani 褚簡寧
Michael Chugani 褚簡寧 - A far cry from|又中又英
 Michael Chugani 褚簡寧 - A far cry from|又中又英 
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