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        Air travel has gone through radical changes over the years. If something has gone through a radical change, it means it has changed a lot. Economy class seats were not comfortable but acceptable years ago when air travel took off in a big way. If something takes off in a big way, it means it happens on a large scale. Air travel took off in a big way years ago when people became richer and started travelling. Most travelled economy class. Only the rich could afford business or first class. In recent years airlines began making economy seats smaller to add more seats.

They created premium economy for passengers willing to pay more for comfort but were unable to afford business class. One of my worst trips travelling economy was in 2018 when I flew from Atlanta to Los Angeles on my way back to Hong Kong after interviewing former US President Jimmy Carter. I had booked an aisle seat but got a middle seat between two obese (overweight) passengers. It made me feel claustrophobic because I had so little space. Claustrophobia is a fear of being confined in a very small area.

A recent Wall Street Journal article said economy class seating is like a torture chamber. The word “torture” means to inflict great pain on people to make them give information. A torture chamber is a place where people are tortured. Economy seats have become much smaller for US domestic travel. The article said Americans nowadays are much taller and bigger and can’t fit comfortably in economy seats. US politicians have now introduced a bill in Congress requiring the government to study seat sizes.

航空旅遊在這些年來經歷了翻天覆地的變化(radical changes)。若事物經歷了a radical change,意即它的變化很大、很徹底。從前的經濟艙客位並不舒適,但多年前當航空旅遊took off in a big way,經濟艙就變得可以接受。若某事物takes off in a big way,意即它大規模地發生、發展。多年前,當人們變得有錢,開始旅遊時,航空旅遊業務大張旗鼓地起飛(took off in a big way),而大部份人都是乘搭經濟艙客位,只有有錢人才能付得起搭商務或頭等艙客位。近年來,航空公司開始縮小經濟艙座位,以添加更多的座位。


最近一篇《華爾街日報》的文章指,經濟艙座位活像一個torture chamber。Torture一字是指折磨或用酷刑迫供,a torture chamber就是人們遭受酷刑(tortured)的酷刑室。美國內陸機的經濟艙座位已經變得很狹小。該文章說,今天美國人變得愈來愈高大,已經不能安舒地擠進經濟艙座位中。美國政客現已在國會提出一份法案,要求政府研究座位的尺寸大小。mickchug@gmail.com
Michael Chugani 褚簡寧
Michael Chugani 褚簡寧 - took off in a big way|又中又英
 Michael Chugani 褚簡寧 - took off in a big way|又中又英 
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