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2023/08/22 00:26:08 網誌分類: 生活
22 Aug

As I have said before, I scrutinize Hong Kong news daily even though I now live mostly in the US. I want to keep abreast of what’s happening in Hong Kong because I worked there for many years as a journalist. I also keep abreast of what’s happening in Hong Kong because I was born and raised there. Hong Kong is in my blood even though I now only return for visits. To scrutinize something means to examine it carefully to get information. To keep abreast of something means to make sure you know all the most recent facts about a situation.

There are several ways of using the expression “in my blood”. If you love football, you can say football is in your blood. The expression can also be used to describe something that is very important to you and is a part of you. Hong Kong is in my blood because it is very important to me and is a part of me. I read two news reports recently while scrutinizing Hong Kong news. One was about dishonest taxi drivers who overcharge tourists. The other was about excessive (too much) noise from loudspeakers that shop owners use to attract customers.

When I lived near Lan Kwai Fong, I often saw taxi drivers discussing fares with tourists. I overheard one driver demanding HK$200 for a ride from Central to Sheung Wan. I am so glad cops (police) are finally taking tough action against dishonest drivers. I am also glad the government is finally taking action against shops that use loudspeakers. The government should ignore shop owners who say noise control laws will hurt their business.

正如我之前所說,我雖然主要在美國居住,但仍會每天細看(scrutinize)香港的新聞。我想跟上(keep abreast of)香港發生的事情,因為我在那裏當了許多年的新聞工作者。我也想努力了解(keep abreast of)香港發生的事情,因為我在那裏出生和長大。香港跟我血脈相連(in my blood),雖然我現在只會回港短遊。To scrutinize某事,是指去仔細查閱以獲取資訊。To keep abreast of something意即去確保自己知道某事情的一切最新情況。

習語“in my blood”可以有幾種用法。若你熱愛足球,愛得入骨了,你便可以說 football is in your blood。這個習語也可以用來形容某事物對你來說非常重要,是你的一部分。香港是 in my blood,因為它對我非常重要,是我的一部分。我最近細閱(scrutinizing)香港的新聞時,讀到兩則新聞報道。一則是關於一些不老實的的士司機,濫收遊客車資;另一則是關於一些店主聲量過大(excessive)的擴音器去吸引顧客。


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