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26 Sep

Don't be surprised if you see me walking around Sai Wan Ho like a fish out of water. I returned to Hong Kong last week and rented a Sai Wan Ho serviced apartment. I felt like a fish out of water the first few days searching for the MTR and supermarkets because I have never been to Sai Wan Ho. My studio apartment has all the trimmings of a comfortable temporary home. I have a small balcony overlooking Aldrich Bay, which is just across a narrow street. I sit on the balcony most evenings with a glass of whiskey!

If you feel like a fish out of water, it means you feel awkward or uncomfortable because you are in an unfamiliar place or situation. If a place or something has all the trimmings, it means it has many extra things added to make it more special. If a New Year’s Eve party has all the trimmings, it means it has many different types of food, alcohol, and music. My serviced apartment has all the trimmings of a home because it includes a coffee maker, electric kettle, rice cooker, pots and pans, electric stove, plates, bowls, knives, forks, toaster, iPad and more.

My trip back to Hong Kong lasted an eternity. If something lasts an eternity, it means it seems to last a very long time, especially because it is boring or unpleasant. I had a midnight flight from Los Angeles to Hong Kong with a stopover in Taipei. I had to take a long train ride from San Diego to Los Angeles, then an Uber to the airport for my long flight to Hong Kong!

若你見到我在西灣河附近遊蕩,像一條離了水的魚一樣(a fish out of water),不用太驚訝。我上星期回到香港,在西灣河租了一間服務式住宅。在頭幾天,我感覺如魚失水(a fish out of water),四處尋找港鐵站和超市,因為我從未到過西灣河。我的開放式單位擁有一個舒適臨時家居的一切點綴(all the trimmings)。我有一個小陽台,能俯瞰對面的愛秩序灣,我的單位與它僅僅隔着一條窄街。許多個晚上我都拿着一杯威士忌,閒坐陽台上。

若你感到像 a fish out of water,意即因為你置身一個陌生的地方或環境,感到不安或不自在。若一個地方或某事物 has all the trimmings,意即它擁有一切附加的點綴或裝飾,令它更為特別。若一個大除夕派對 has all the trimmings,意即它擁有各種各樣的食物、酒品和音樂。我的服務式住宅單位擁有一個家居的all the trimmings,因為它包含了一個咖啡機、電熱水壺、電飯煲、各款鍋與平底鑊、電磁爐、碗碟刀叉、多士爐、iPad和其他物件。

我回香港的那一程感覺像永恆(lasted an eternity)。若某事物 lasts an eternity,意即它像過了很長很長的時間,尤其因為它很沉悶或令人不快的。我乘搭的是從洛杉磯到香港的午夜班機,中途在台北轉機。我得從聖地牙哥搭長途火車到洛杉磯,然後再搭一程Uber到機場,才能搭那程長途機回香港!

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