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2023/11/28 15:32:22 網誌分類: 生活
28 Nov

Regular readers of this column will know I regard Hong Kong’s taxi drivers as public enemy number one. They behave as if they are a law unto themselves. I have griped (complained) about them to the government many times when I lived in Hong Kong. I am now back for a visit but haven’t noticed any improvement in the attitude of taxi drivers. They still behave as if they are a law unto themselves. The expression “public enemy number one” is used to describe a country’s most dangerous criminal or most dangerous threat. Many Americans consider drug abuse as public enemy number one.
But the expression can also be used to describe someone that many people don’t like. Many Hong Kong people dislike taxi drivers because the drivers often choose passengers, refuse to cross the harbour, overcharge tourists, and decline short or long trips. The expression “a law unto themselves” describes people who don’t follow rules or don’t care about what others think of them. Taxi drivers now want the government to take tough action against ride-hailing services, which they say are hurting the livelihood of the taxi trade.
Ride-hailing is a service that allows people to order drivers and cars online to pick them up where they are and take them where they want to go. To cave in means to finally agree to do what somebody wants. I have taken taxis with very polite drivers, but they are a minority. Many countries allow ride-hailing services. The government will further hurt its international image if it doesn’t allow ride-hailing.

恆常讀這個專欄的讀者們都會知道,我將香港的士司機視為頭號公敵(public enemy number one)。他們自行其是,我行我素(a law unto themselves)。我從前住香港的時候,已經多次向政府抱怨(griped);現在我回來短遊,卻也未見的士司機的態度有任何改善。他們仍然活像自己可以為所欲為(a law unto themselves)一般。習語“public enemy number one”是用來形容一個國家最危險的罪犯或是最危險的威脅。許多美國人都視濫藥為頭號公敵(public enemy number one)。

然而,這個習語也可以用來形容許多人都討厭的人。許多香港人都不喜歡的士司機,因為司機會揀客、拒絕過海、向遊客濫收車資,長途短途的車程都拒絕。習語“a law unto themselves”是形容人不守規矩,又或我行我素,不理他人如何看自己。的士司機現在要政府對網約車服務(ride-hailing services)採取嚴厲的行動,因為他們說網約車會損害的士行業的生計。

Ride-hailing是讓人可以網上預約司機和車輛,到他們所在之處搭載他們到目的地。To cave in是指終於屈服,答允做某人要求的事。我亦曾搭過一些的士,司機非常有禮,但他們只屬少數。許多國家都容許網約車服務(ride-hailing service)。政府若不再容許網約車(ride-hailing),只會進一步損害其國際形象。

Michael Chugani褚簡寧

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