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29 Feb

Better late than never. It’s a common English saying that means it is better to do something late than never to do it at all. The expression can also be used to say it is better to arrive late for an appointment than not arrive at all. The Hong Kong government will ban single-use plastic tableware starting April 22. The date was chosen to coincide with Earth Day. Single-use plastic tableware such as plates, cups, straws, stirrers, and cutlery cannot be sold or distributed. Better late than never! Mainland China has already banned single-use plastic tableware. So has the European Union. Some US states have banned plastic bags.

Places such as fast-food and takeout restaurants in Hong Kong will have to use plates and cutlery made with wood and paper. Restaurants will not be allowed to use foam food containers for takeout food but can use other types of plastic. The word “tableware” means knives, forks, spoons, glasses, and plates used for meals. The word “cutlery” means knives, forks, and spoons used for eating. Some eateries have complained that the new rule will lead to higher costs. They need to do their bit to protect the environment from climate change. To do your bit means to do your share, even if it is not a lot, to achieve something.

Will some eateries try to bend the rules? Eateries are places that serve food. To bend the rules means to ignore or not to be strict about following rules. Will customers complain or snitch on eateries that bend the rules? I hope so. To snitch means to secretly tell the authorities that someone is doing something bad or illegal.

Better late than never.這是一句常見的英語,意即一件事遲做總比不做好。這個習語也可以用來說「遲到好過冇到」,比約定的時間遲來總比不來要好。香港政府將由4月22日起禁止即棄塑膠餐具(tableware)。挑這日子是刻意撞上世界地球日。即用即棄的塑膠餐具(tableware)例如膠碟、杯、飲管、攪拌棒和刀叉等餐具(cutlery),都不能再銷售或提供。遲做總比不做好(Better late than never)!中國內地亦已經禁止一次即棄的塑膠餐具(tableware),歐盟也是。一些美國州分亦已禁止膠袋的使用。

香港一些快餐店和外賣店,將會需要使用木製或紙製的碟和餐具(cutlery)。食肆不能使用發泡膠的容器盛載外賣食物,但可以用其他類別的塑膠。Tableware包括了用餐時使用的刀、叉、匙、玻璃杯和碟;cutlery則是指進食用的刀、叉和匙。一些餐館(eateries)抱怨指,新例會導致成本上升。在保護環境、阻止氣候變化一事上,他們需要do their bit——to do your bit是指去盡你一分力,即使只是綿力,去達成某事。

可會有些食店(eateries)嘗試破壞規定(bend the rules)?Eateries就是食店。To bend the rules即是去無視規定,又或遵行得較為寬鬆、通融。對於那些不嚴厲執行規定(bend the rules)的食店(eateries),顧客們可會投訴或告發(snitch)?我希望會吧。To snitch就是暗中告密,向有關當局指出某人做了壞事或犯法的事。

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Better late than never
 Better late than never 
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