又中又英|A lump in my throat

2024/05/24 00:14:23 網誌分類: 生活
24 May

It is time to pack my bags again. I will soon fly back to the US after a brief stay in Taipei to see Hong Kong friends who have small businesses there. This is my third visit to Hong Kong since I left for the US in 2021. Every time I leave Hong Kong, I have a lump in my throat. The idiom “a lump in your throat” is used when you feel very sad or want to cry. I was born in Hong Kong. That is why I have the blues whenever I leave.

To have the blues means to feel depressed or sad. I have a whale of a time whenever I return for short visits. If you have a whale of a time, it means you enjoy yourself very much. Every time I return, I have dinners with Hong Kong relatives, reunions with classmates, catch up with media friends, and see current and former government officials. This time, I also made a side trip to Penang to visit friends.

A big decision awaits me in the US. I had been staying with relatives in different US cities since I left Hong Kong in 2021. I enjoyed staying at my younger brother’s vacant Manhattan apartment for six months rent-free! But New York is too expensive to rent my own apartment. Winters are too cold. I lived in Washington DC and Seattle for many years in the 1990s but no longer have relatives there. I want to find an affordable city that is close to relatives and does not have very cold winters or very hot summers. It is almost Mission Impossible!

又是時候收拾我的行裝了。我很快便會飛回美國,在這之前將短暫停留台北,探望在那兒搞小生意的香港朋友。這是自從我二零二一年離港赴美以來,第三次到訪香港。每次離開香港,我都有 a lump in my throat——成語“a lump in your throat”是當你感到悲傷、哽咽的時候用到的。我在香港出生,因此每當我離開時,我都 have the blues。 

To have the blues是指感到沮喪或憂傷。每次我回港短遊,我都有 a whale of a time——若你有 a whale of a time,意即你過得非常愉快。每次我回港,我都會跟在港的親戚吃晚飯,跟舊同學重聚,與傳媒朋友聊聊近況,以及見見現任和前政府官員。這一次,我也順道到檳城旅行,探望朋友。

Michael Chugani褚簡寧

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