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不過Last Tycoon這個耐跑耐拼,性能廣泛的種氏,不單為香港帶來「百勝威」、「成功拍檔」、「全滿」等令人如痴如醉的佳駟,而牠三匹兒子O'Reilly、Towkay及Marju,更將牠的王朝發揚光大,對香港馬壇影響之深,比Danehill可能有過之而無不及!

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Bruce K. Paxton
Bruce K. Paxton 2017/07/16

You are absolutely correct. By supporting a lot (as much as possible)

One can ascertain that one will achieve some kind of relative response depending on how co incidental the responsive data is to the attention. If the optimal supportive motivation is relative to the foundation (wether valid or not) a supportive return will follow.

Accuracy is the issue. This is an hypothetical deduction (not quite as comprehensive as educational requirements are about here in North America) but by any of the individuals motive intelligence. Linguistics and vocabulary play the most important part of communication. Gaps of data in verbal communication only provide confusion.

To express anything at all one must work untill one can say what one means in its entirety otherwise       one   will express a peer groups distrust and desire to avoid the issue. The bottom line is to study practical, basic, fundemental, primary, ground level technicalities of domestic level to know for sure   one    is known for sure   and this aspect goes far and beyond the experience of the

 marriage relationship  which is considered by most the most complete education for the poor.    From your good friend Bruce K. Paxton