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yfong 2009/07/17 16:33:24 回覆

sam : sorry for late reply.  i had earn over millions within four months but loss 4 times of it within a month.  that's the power of call / put.

my friend showed me only 5 minutes and gave me the website but remind me not to touch it, he said he was still learning and it is very danger but i took action.

yfong 2009/07/17 16:26:00 回覆

lili : i want to win more for my son.  i don't want he looks down by classmates, at least i should provide him basic.  our family income had been cut over 40% these two years.

it is true that i am gambling too much law.  since i can easy to get loan from my agent, when i saw stephen talk about 6個開 that night, so ....  my loan limit is very large coz i had been big transactions in the past.  how big? my agent got over 6 digits commission per month.  she would call and report me every morning and transactions everyday.  now..... ha ha ..... she always hold my phone to pick up others first.  someone told me she was not real to me before but i didn't believe.  now i knew it is true.

LI-LI 2009/07/17 13:51:26 回覆

yfong,   午安.

好慘 wor.  你做咩買咁多呀 !  手風唔順時, 應該休息一下 / 買小小, 等頭腦清醒 / 股感好些, 才可以控制損失 ma. 

書簿費及校服要用很多錢, 儲下錢先啦 !

我手上只有冷氣, 但史哥叫大家小心 :

stephen(史哥)  2009/7/17 下午 01:08:01 


I think that everybody had better tak a profit/cut a loss if it can not stand on '0.164' today after 3:45pm. again as I found that it started a return after the average line converging at '0.169' today.



yfong 2009/07/17 11:49:09 回覆

財神朱  2009/7/17 上午 09:36:24

中國經濟已觸底, 但回升基礎不牢固


yfong 2009/07/17 11:41:39 回覆

lili : ha ha ~~ {#icon57}cut 6個開 loss 2mth salary la.  still keep 691, 16229 and 16366. 

yfong 2009/07/16 19:50:19 回覆

my expression again? 

/ if i see, i will post to u at once. /

LI-LI 2009/07/16 19:36:52 回覆

yfong,   好眼瞓 la, 要收工了.

不如你話我知  //he has some points on holiday.//   是關於甚麼 good points 或是話我知邊日的 post. 

我的電腦都是女兒用完, 深夜才到我用. 所以我可能會深夜上網, 可能無時間. 所以公司時間上網比較容易些. 但老闆或主管在時, 便不方便了. 明天主管回港 la.


yfong 2009/07/16 19:33:27 回覆

lili : almost every morning 9am color chu will post but i will skip.

good information normally on holiday, if i see, i will post to u at once.  but it may be late since i chase back and need long long time~~.

LI-LI 2009/07/16 19:26:09 回覆

yfong,   我睇咗大廳內很多 post, 找不到 彩神朱 的post, 很眼累. 

明白及同意 apple : 

Do not think I always enter the market. I join her at

abt. 17500 and leave her at abt. 19000.

yfong 2009/07/16 19:24:42 回覆

lili : buy and sell stock is very easy for me.  just phone my agent.  even set price.  the fee of course higher but it is good for my lazy bone.  i can set price even one day/a month before.  however, it is no good if i forget to cut the order.

yfong 2009/07/16 19:20:10 回覆

lili : thx yr information. 

rail blog is too many messages.  my pc at office is slow but at home is almost stop.  i need long long time to go over.  sometimes 3 or 4am.  it is very kind of u to help me. 

yfong 2009/07/16 17:23:17 回覆

lili : no time to cut loss.  busy today.

omg.  i buy 6個開 0.83 at pre-opening coz stephen's analysis it very good.  o sir had cut 6個開 or not.

how about wind bro's "nam hoi"? keep or sold.

691 still keep.

LI-LI 2009/07/16 16:36:16 回覆

yfong,   你今天唔去餅兄處 ?    我今朝已止蝕 南海, 剛收市前止蝕 6個開.

手上只有 田中 及 冷氣 , 各花 幾千元本金. 

多謝提醒.  預留本金等大市回, 希望是大漲小回啦 !

你又如何呀 ?   691 你處理了嗎 ?

yfong 2009/07/16 14:47:04 回覆

lili : u are so good to me.  love u so much. {#icon83}

the market will return down.  becareful!

LI-LI 2009/07/16 14:09:11 回覆

史哥新鮮的午間分析 :

stephen(史哥)  2009/7/16 下午 01:17:49 



ok wor!

It will have a rally again if it can stand on '0.166', if so, the target will be '0.175' and '0.186'.

P.s. The cut loss point should be '0.158'.

      The 0.164 have a resistance.

LI-LI 2009/07/15 19:48:24 回覆

yfong,   比你激死, 又比你冧死人.  

我奇怪你咁有信心在 743, 你唔睇多一日, 不過我都希望你能賺錢走  691, 賺餐茶都好呀 !    大家一齊小心買賣 :

rail(路仁)  2009/7/15 下午 05:11:47 



多謝各位関心 {#icon84}




yfong 2009/07/15 19:14:15 回覆

sorry.  my expression is not good.  monday i buy 743 and 691.  yesterday go 743.  691 still keep and buy at 5.41 on monday.  elder mind is stub.  ok.  i will beat my pat pat la.  smile la.  smiling will make u sweet and health.

LI-LI 2009/07/15 19:00:34 回覆

yfong,   你只講 :

yfong  2009/7/14 下午 08:46:53 

lili : wah! u are right.  my agent call me to go 743 go lu. 691 5.41in

yfong 2009/07/15 18:55:25 回覆

lili : 743go but 691 keep.  i had told u last night bor.  743 is better than 691 for long run.  691 may short explose.  that is why i told 743(long) and 691(short) law.  someone tell 743 mgt team is good.  buy them coz the new ipo.

LI-LI 2009/07/15 18:42:50 回覆

yfong,   你昨日只是放了  743 ?   我剛見到你問 dai dai  691 配股, 怪不得 :

LI-LI  2009/7/14 下午 01:05:54 

你昨日  #691 ( 今日跌 )  及   #743 ( 今日升 ) ,  真奇怪.  不過你是否今朝已賺錢走人 ?   送個 字給你.

yfong 2009/07/15 17:59:23 回覆

2827 horrible 9k 53.4, 600 53.75, 1k 38.  crazy !!

yfong 2009/07/15 17:51:36 回覆

sam n lili : i give up both 6個開 / 田中.  i am afraid run away these days.  my pretty agent always mis-do my transactions.  reverse my in/out.  loss too many.

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