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07 Jan

港聞--湯漢「升職」 港首見雙樞機-20120107

湯漢樞機主教(His Eminence Cardinal John TONG Hon,1939年7月31日- )
年柱 比肩 己(土) 卯(木 七殺
月柱 食神 辛(金) 未(土) 比肩
日柱 日主 己(土) 巳(火) 正印
2007--2017-正官 甲(木) 子(水) 偏財
2013-2015 火yrs so 湯漢行 子(水) 運 good for HK

陳日君樞機 - 榮休主教
1932年1 月13日-
大運 2004-/2014-03-19 癸(水) 巳(火).
2013 also癸(水) 巳(火) yr
sigh-wish hime very best in 2013

陳日君巳(火)運---not good for HK ??

Once again--All are ungrounded wild guess;the sole purpose of my comment is to propaganda superstition and determinism 都是純粹的猜測 ; 我評論的唯一目的是宣傳迷信和決定論:想起倪匡作品-在數難逃 ;永勝麻雀白頭佬見解: 例湯-整定

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Zero 2019/09/15

ding-fire-168 2019/08/22

A mate from the UK

"Yeah I'm going back to the UK in October and I'm following the local following of HK (if that makes sense) I think if anyone can help out HK people right now it's the UK. I sent petitions to improve the BNO citizenship, gonna write to my MP when I'm home--actually even Brexit supporters are in favour of this--It's rare for political consensus on ANYTHING in the UK these days

UK needs skilled / big brain labour and the general consensus is that in post-Brexit Britain, labour from Hong Kong could be immense benefit and the government have made noises about this being the plan after brexit, to reach out to ex commonwealth countries etc "



kakao:3p654 Telegram:ok896

陪陪 155cm 小D杯 18歲
超幼齒 照片無修飾 絕對照片本人
發育早 單親家庭 對性方面了解比較早
14歲就摳破處女膜 今天是第一天下海
平時會用假陽具玩弄自己 尺度玩很大
甚至她說 #全程無套服務也願意嘗試
穴還很緊 很敏感 自慰都會噴水的那種
很希望可以找一個可以帶動她 玩弄她的哥哥
價位不在意 只在意可不可以體驗到性愛的快樂
#超低試車價 #超低試車價 #超低試車價

ding-fire-168 2019/08/01

Amnesty International Hong Kong is partnering with Civil Rights Observer to document police force used in the recent protests. 
They are looking for volunteers to verify the number and condition of police using force from news and video clips.
This is important work and can be very interesting.
If you are interested, please email to campaign@amnesty.org.hk by August 7 , state “Volunteer - CRO” in the email subject