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SEO Reseller - A Professional Solution to Minimize Costs And Save Time

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14 Nov
Emarketing:SEO Reseller - A Professional Solution to Minimize Costs And Save Time

In this constantly changing marketplace, there are more and more agencies that are moving toward SEO and social media to help their clients grow their businesses. For a small firm that does not have those skills, they can compete by becoming a SEO Reseller. Seo reseller companies are now helping many firms who want to send their seo jobs to other providers with some profit margins. The best way to achieve this is with a Private Label Partnership Program.

It is a smart business expansion solution for also well-established organizations in Web Development & Search Engine Marketing space, having a large client base and an efficient service delivery framework. This solution is perfect for companies who have the ability to secure business from large number of clients & wish to increase their delivery capacities, without increasing their fixed monthly costs.

SEO Reseller Program is a complete white label SEO partnership program, in which the partner own all his clients, and bill them an amount he likes, and he will get all the work done from an outsourcing company.

A Private Label Partner can leverage large service capacities and expand his service offerings under his own brand. In a relatively short period of time, the reseller could enhance his service capacity without increasing his monthly overheads or having to hire, train and synchronize development teams.

The Partner would sell under his own brand; the SEO Company would work as an outsourced company & shall remain anonymous to the clients of the partner, they will never ever approach to the customers of the partner in any case. All the Reports, proposals and supports to the customers will be under the reseller brand and logo only. The proposals can be modify to suit to the client's needs. The client will never know that the work is being outsourced.

There are several advantages for a Private Label Service and a SEO Reseller Program:

Cost Effective: Being a SEO reseller, will allow the partner to get specific services with appropriate prices.

Vast Experience: The reseller can also benefit from recognized expertise in SEO services. The Search engine marketing professional team who will be working on the projects, come from backgrounds with proven accomplishments in internet marketing, media planning, interactive campaign creation as well as technology.

No commitment: there is no minimum order required monthly or yearly.

Pre Sales Support: the Outsourcing Company will help and support the pre sales inquiries. This will help the reseller to confidently handle all client inquiries and to accelerate the sales cycle.

Complete Confidentiality: To secure the confidential information of both the parties, a Non Disclosure Agreement will be signed by both parties.

Private Label Reporting: All the projects reporting will be done in the reseller brand name.

Priority Support: As a partner, the reseller is eligible for priority support.

Flexible SEO Reseller plans: the outsourcing company is providing, both large and small, with maximum flexibility and is able to customize the SEO Reseller packages and plans to the reseller requirements.

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