Book Review - The 80 Minute MBA

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20 Jan

The subtitle of the book "The 80 Minute MBA" reads "Everything  You'll Never Learn at Business School". I have not attended any MBA class, so I am unable to tell if it is true.

However, I can tell that it took me more than 80 minutes to finish the small book. To clarify, it is because of me being a slow coach, not because of the quality of the writings of the authors, Messrs. Reeves and Knell. I think if a reader reads the book in one go, 80 minutes would be sufficient.

Having said that, as our time is precious,  the crux is whether the authors can bring us any insights. The answer is an absolute YES!

The authors described their ideas and propositions as "the 80 Minute MBA 'tornado'". It is comprised of five sections. "Sustainability" is on the top. Next is "Leadership" and then the three Cs (Culture, Cash and Conversation).

Written against the 2008 financial crisis and global warming, the book's emphasis on "sustainability" is understandable and is true at least till 2014 when the book appeared in paperback.

Throughout the book, there are inspiring ideas. The tornado is full of destructive energy. Perhaps, the authors wished their "tornado" to sweep clear our mind of old, outdated ideas first so that they can impart a whole new set of ideas on the readers.

Trust you can finish the book within 80 minutes. In addition, you will find the concepts put forward by the authors lingering in your decision thought process in the years to come.

The book is suitable for anyone who like thinking about business.

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