沽股票施壓 逼政府加速救市

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23 Jan

**日報 23 Jan 2008


沽股票施壓 逼政府加速救市


The looming (陰霾)US recession triggered off a global stock market rout (潰散,喻股災),dragging local shares down with it.The HSI yesterday plunged nearly 1,400 points, a big wipeout (大跌) of nearly 5%.


The market was also worried that their spin was an indication of their lack of the crisis mentality and their inability to turn the economy around.By selling their stocks, they cast their vote of no confidence on them and to make them admit that the economy is up to the neck in trouble,a more drastic measure is needed to salvage the economy.The clear sign was that early this month,though the interest rate market expected Bernanke to cut interest rate by 0.5% at the end of this month,under outside pressure,he later hinted at a greater cut,and the market revised the expectation up to 0.75% or even 1%.The market keeps kicking Bernanke into action.


To be fair,the positive spin from the Bush trio was probably an effort to ward off market pessimism.The point is, the market didn’t see that way and they turned the screw on them by dumping their stocks (沽貨施壓). This is a dangerous tug-of war. If the Bush team fails to take drastic action to win back market confidence,then the selling pressure will keep growing.If,unfortunately,it touches off a confidence crushing stock market meltdown,the public’s faith in the economic future will be undermined,leading to a consumption contraction,the mainstay of the economy.Then recession,which may still be avoided,will become inevitable.

.spin 動詞/名詞,〔編撰,說法,自圓其說〕,例如:They have tried to put a positive spin on the situation.他們力圖將情況往好裡說.
.up to one's nect in something 慣用語,〔多得沒法應付〕,例如:I'm up to my neck in work right now.我現在忙得簡直沒法應付.
.ward off  慣用語,〔架住,擋開,防止〕,例如: In the winter I take vitamin C to ward off colds.我在冬天會服用維他命 C以防傷風. 



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