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19 Jul
          Last week, I read a news report about police officers lurking near pedestrian crossings, overhead walkways, or in bushes to catch jaywalkers. The report said police officers film jaywalkers and fine them up to $2,000, which is the maximum penalty for jaywalkers. I am not sure how accurate this report is because the police have neither confirmed nor denied that jaywalkers are being secretly filmed. the Police Department and the Transport Department always act tough with pedestrians but go easy on drivers. Most other civilized societies nowadays make their cities pedestrian-friendly, but not Hong Kong.

          To "lurk" means to hide or wait in a secret way because you want to suddenly attack someone. An "overhead walkway" is a path above the ground for pedestrians. It is sometimes called a footbridge. A jaywalker is a person who crosses a street where pedestrians are not allowed to cross. To "go easy" on someone means to treat that person in a gentle way, or to not criticize that person. Instead of making Hong Kong a pedestrian-friendly city, the morons (idiots) at the Transport Department have made Hong Kong a vehicle-friendly city. The police fined 14,915 jaywalkers last year. I demand to know how many drivers the police fined last year for breaking the law.

          Almost every day I see vehicles blocking box junctions, making it difficult for pedestrians to cross when they have a green light. A box junction is where two roads meet, marked with a square of yellow lines painted in the center. Drivers can only enter the box junction when the road ahead is clear. It is illegal for drivers to block a box junction. But I often see drivers blocking the box junction at Queens Road Central near the Landmark. I have never seen a policeman giving these drivers a penalty ticket. Instead of lurking to catch jaywalkers, the police and the morons at the Transport Department should lurk to catch drivers who break the law.

         * * *

          上星期我讀到一則新聞,是有關警員在行人過路處附近、行人天橋(overhead walkways)甚或矮樹叢中潛伏(lurking),捉那些亂過馬路的人(jaywalkers)。報道指,警員會拍攝記錄亂過馬路的人(jaywalkers),罰款更可高至二千大元,那是對不遵守交通規則的行人(jaywalkers)的最高罰額。我不肯定此報道有多準確,因為警方從來沒有確認或否認亂過馬路的人(jaywalkers)有被攝錄;警務處和運輸署都是待行人以嚴,待司機以寬(go easy)。今天大部份的文明都市都會令城市變得更「行人友好」,更方便行人使用,但這並非香港的現況。

          To "lurk"意即暗暗地潛伏於某處,以圖突然攻擊他人。An "overhead walkway"即是架空的行人通道或天橋,有時會稱為footbridge。A jaywalker就是亂過馬路的人。To "go easy" on someone就是對那人寬容、溫和些,或不去批評那人。運輸署的蠢蛋(morons)沒有令香港變成「行人友好」的城市,反令香港成為「車輛友好」的城市。警方上年一共票控一萬四千九百一十五名亂過馬路的人(jaywalkers)。我要求知道警方上年票控了多少名違法的駕駛者。

          我差不多每天都會見到有車輛堵塞在黄格(box junctions)內,令行人在綠燈亮起時過馬路也甚艱難。A box junction就是在馬路交匯處的十字路口中間標誌的黃格區域。駕駛者只能在前路可通車時,才能將車駛進黃格(box junction)內;在黃格(box junction)內停車並堵塞路口是違法的。但我在皇后大道中近置地廣場那邊,就不時見到司機們把車塞在黃格(box junction)內。我從未見過有警員給這些司機開罰單。與其潛伏(lurking)去捉亂過馬路的人,警方和運輸署的白癡(morons)更應潛伏(lurk)去捉那些違法的駕駛者。


        Michael Chugani 褚簡寧
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sophiegooch 2018/10/31 14:30:49 回覆

 I am not sure how accurate this report is because the police have never confirmed or denied that people who have crossed the road Dead Rising Chuck Greene Jacket have been photographed; the police and the Transport Department are strict.

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But I often see drivers blocking the box junction at Queens Road Central near the Landmark. I have never seen a policeman giving these drivers a penalty ticket. 

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