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20 Sep
          Last week was a hectic time for me. I made a whirlwind trip to the US, rushed back to Hong Kong in the nick of time before the typhoon arrived, then rushed to a VIP lunch hosted by Tencent co-founder Chen Yidan. I was totally jet-lagged. If you had a hectic week, it means you had a very busy week full of different activities. A whirlwind trip is a very fast-paced and quick trip. If something happened in the nick of time, it means it happened just in time. The word jet-lagged means a feeling of being extremely tired because of a long plane trip across different time zones.

          My whirlwind trip to the US lasted only a few days. That’s why I was jet-lagged when I returned. I went to Atlanta to interview former US president Jimmy Carter for my TVB show. He formalized US-China diplomatic relations on January 1 1979. I interviewed him because it will soon be the 40th anniversary of US-China relations. Carter is almost 94 years old but still very sprightly and lucid. If you are sprightly, it means you are lively and full of energy. If you are lucid, it means you are able to think and say things clearly. Carter told me he felt sad about worsening US-China relations but said relations can only improve when Donald Trump is no longer president.

          Right after returning from my trip I showered and attended a lunch hosted by Tencent co-founder Chen Yidan during which winners of the Yidan Prize, the world’s largest prize in education, were announced. Professor Larry Hedges of Chicago’s Northwestern University won the Education Research Prize. India’s Professor Anant Agarwal, CEO of online university courses site edX, won the Education Development Prize. They each received HK$30 million. I have met Chen Yidan before. He is passionate about improving global education. On October 3 I will attend a prize presentation dinner for the LUI Che Woo Prize for World Civilization. Jimmy Carter won the 2016 LUI Che Woo Positive Energy Prize. I interviewed Lui Che Woo earlier this year. He is 89 years old but sprightly. His staff helped arrange my interview with Carter.


          上星期對我來說真是個相當忙碌(hectic)的一周。我去了一趟旋風式(whirlwind)的訪美旅程,及時(in the nick of time)趕在颱風來臨前返港,再趕去騰訊創辦人之一陳一丹主辦的貴賓午餐會。我完全未能適應時差(jet-lagged)。若你有個 hectic week,即是說你有個非常忙碌的一周,日程上排滿了不同的活動。A whirlwind trip即是像旋風般快速的旅程。若某事 happened in the nick of time,即是說它及時發生。Jet-lagged 是指因為坐長途機橫跨了不同時區,未能適應時差而感覺極之疲累。

          我飛往美國的旋風式(whirlwind)旅程只有幾天,因此我回來的時候有時差反應(jet-lagged)。我到了亞特蘭大,為我的無線電視節目訪問前美國總統占美.卡特。他於一九七九年一月一日正式確立了中美外交關係。我訪問他是因為中美建交快到四十周年紀念了。卡特已經差不多九十四歲,但仍然非常sprightly 又lucid。若你是sprightly,即是說精力充沛;若你是 lucid,即是說你頭腦和說話清晰。卡特跟我說,他對於中美關係惡化感到難過,但又道,只有當特朗普不再是美國總統時,兩國關係才可得以改善。

          從美國之旅一回來我便立即洗了個澡,出席騰訊創辦人之一陳一丹的午餐會。席間宣佈全球最大的教育獎——一丹獎的得獎者。芝加哥西北大學的拉里.赫奇斯教授獲得教育研究獎。網上大學課堂平台 edX 的行政總裁、印度裔的阿南特.阿格瓦爾則獲得了教育發展獎。他們二人各獲得三千萬港元的獎金。我之前見過陳一丹,他對於改善全球教育充滿熱情。我將於十月三日出席呂志和世界文明獎的頒獎晚宴。占美.卡特獲得了二○一六年的「呂志和獎—正能量獎」。我今年初曾訪問呂志和,他已屆八十九歲高齡,但依然老當益壯、精神矍鑠(sprightly)。是他的員工幫忙安排我跟卡特的訪談。



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