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06 Dec
          Is it true or just a myth that drinking alcohol when eating durian could kill you? My Penang friends always tell me never to eat durian and drink alcohol at the same time. They say if I eat durian, I should not drink alcohol for the rest of the day. My friends told me this again last week when I went to Penang. Every time they remind me about the danger of eating durian and drinking alcohol, I remind them I have never eaten durian and will never eat it because its pungent smell turns me off. Whenever I ask my friends why I must avoid alcohol after eating durian, they can never give me a clear answer. My own internet research shows it is not a total myth that people who eat durian should avoid alcohol.

          The word “myth” used this way means something that many people believe but is not true. A durian is a tropical fruit with a pungent smell. A pungent smell is a sharp, strong and stinky smell. If something turns you off, it means you dislike it or are disgusted with it. A study by a university in Japan found that eating durian and drinking alcohol can actually be harmful. Durian contains a type of sulfur (sulphur in British English) that hinders the breakdown of alcohol in our bodies. This causes the bad part of the alcohol to enter your bloodstream. There is no evidence this can kill people but the study found it can make people feel very sick.

          When I was in Penang last week, my Penang friend drove my Hong Kong friends and I to a mountain with durian trees. They all ate several different types of durian from a roadside stall. My Penang friend insisted that I try the durian but I refused. One of my Hong Kong friends said durian is the king of fruits but I still refused. He assured me I will love it after the first bite. I still refused. They ate so much durian I couldn't believe it. That evening they either avoided alcohol or drank very little with dinner. I drank a lot.

        * * *

          你在吃榴槤(durian)的時候喝酒,足以致命——可到底這是真的,抑或只是個迷思(myth)?我的檳城朋友總是跟我說,千萬不要同時間吃榴槤(durian)和喝酒。他們說,若我吃了榴槤(durian),當天餘下的時間也不要喝酒。上星期我到檳城時,我的朋友們又再這樣跟我說。每一次他們提醒我吃榴槤(durian)同時喝酒的風險時,我都會反提醒他們,我從未吃過榴槤(durian),也不會去吃,因為它刺鼻的(pungent)氣味叫我大倒胃口(turns me off)。每當我問朋友,為何吃榴槤(durian)時要戒酒,他們都不能給我一個清晰的說法。我在網上做的資料搜集顯示,人們吃榴槤(durian)時不應喝酒,這也不全然是無中生有的說法(myth)。

          Myth在這裏是指許多人相信,但其實並不真確的事。A durian就是榴槤,有着刺鼻(pungent)氣味的熱帶水果。A pungent smell是刺鼻、強烈及難聞的氣味。若某事turns you off,即是它令你很厭惡甚至感到噁心。一個日本大學的研究發現,同時間吃榴槤(durian)和喝酒,確實對身體有害。榴槤(durian)含有一種硫的成份,會阻礙酒精在身體內分解,這會導致酒精內的毒素進入血液之中。雖然沒有證據顯示這會致死,但研究發現這樣會令人感到極度不適。



        Michael Chugani 褚簡寧
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Michael Kwan
Michael Kwan 2019/04/17

Dear Michael,

Don't define anything which westerners do not do as peculiar. There are many reasons why they don't choose fruits by toching them or smelling them. Say, they may have low demands on quality of such items (look, they are easily satisfied by eating a ham sandwich as lunch) or they don't even know how to distinguish bad from good by touching and smelling the fruits. If you know what QC is in a factory, you will understand why people need to touch and smell. If you don't, I am speechless to converse with you.

Are you trying to say that consumers have no right to do QC like picking a better quality food item? Are you saying that doing this is classified as peculiar? Are you saying that all items are the same in supermarkets? Then can you explain to me why A's new iPhone X malfunctions after two days but B's iPhone X still works perfectly adter two years?

Michael Kwan

Ethan Campbell
Ethan Campbell 2019/04/02

The problem with us is that, we see religious and devout people as a being who can't make mistakes. God has not created humans being to not make mistakes, for that their are angels but we jump to conculsions very quickly as soons as we see a preacher or a scholar comminting a sin. Even in my own https://www.prodissertationhelp.co.uk/ office, there was a guy who was jewish and had the apperance according to their religious scholars and the day he was caught doing an immodest act with a female colleauge, he was ridiculed beyond comparrision. 

kelly_y__chen 2019/02/26

Hongkonger or Great Buyer.


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