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14 Mar
          One of the biggest headaches for people living alone is what to do about their daily meals. Meals are not a big headache for people living alone who have domestic helpers (maids). They are also not a headache for people living alone who like to eat out. I am single, I live alone, I don't like to eat out' and I do not have a domestic helper. I have a part-time local maid who cleans my apartment (flat) and irons my clothes once a week. That's why meals are a big headache for me. The word "headache" used this way does not mean an actual pain in the head. It means a problem or a difficulty.

          To eat out means to eat in a restaurant. I don't like to eat out all the time because it is unhealthy to do that. I only eat out once in a while with friends or when I am invited as a journalist to lunch or dinner. I eat at home most of the time. This is easy for me because I prefer simple meals. For breakfast, I always have a cup of tea with fruit, yogurt, and plain oatmeal. Lunch is always salad with either tinned tuna fish, a boiled egg, or ham sometimes because it is not healthy.

          Dinner is my biggest headache but I have learned to cook several easy meals. The easiest is home-made pizza using pita, a type of Middle Eastern bread which is available in most supermarkets. I put cheese, tomatoes, black olives, mushrooms, olive oil, and oregano (type of herb) on it and bake it for a few minutes in my toaster oven. This home-made pizza pairs (matches) well with either red or white wine. Another easy dish is home-made Chicken a la King. I mix skinless chicken breast, black olives, mushrooms, sliced carrots, green peas, white wine, black pepper, a little salt, and sometimes diced (cut) potatoes, with a can of cream of chicken soup and cook it for about 30 minutes. I sometimes eat it with rice. This pairs well with white wines such as Chardonnay.

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          其中一個最令獨居者頭痛(headaches)的地方,就是該怎樣安排日常的膳食。對於有家傭(domestic helpers)的獨居者來說,每天的膳食並非令人很頭痛的事(headache);喜歡外出用膳(eat out)的獨居者,這也不會令他們很頭痛(headache)。我單身、一個人住、不喜歡出外用膳(eat out),也沒有家傭(domestic helper)。我有一個兼職的本地家務助理,一星期上來一次幫我清潔單位(apartment)和熨衫。因此,日常用餐對我來說真是很頭痛的事(headache)。Headache在這裏不是真的指頭部的疼痛,它是指令人頭痛的問題或困難。

          To eat out是指到餐廳用膳。我不喜歡常常外出用膳(eat out),因為這不甚健康。我只會間中跟朋友到外頭吃飯,又或者以新聞工作者的身份獲邀到午宴或晚宴之時。大部份時間我都是在家用膳。這還算容易,因為我喜歡吃簡單的膳食。我總是喝杯茶,伴着生果、乳酪和純燕麥片做早餐。午餐總是吃沙律,伴的不是罐裝吞拿魚就是烚蛋,又或者是火腿,但也只是偶爾才吃因為它不太健康。

          晚餐是令我最頭痛的(headache),但我已經學會了弄幾樣簡單的膳食。最簡單就是用皮塔餅(pita)弄自家製的薄餅,pita是一種中東薄麵包,在大部份的超市都找得到。我會在上面放芝士、番茄、黑橄欖、蘑菇、橄欖油和牛至(oregano,一種香草),再用多士焗爐焗它數分鐘。這個自家製的薄餅跟紅酒或白酒都很配搭(pairs)。另一個簡單的菜是自家製白汁雞皇,我會將去皮的雞胸、黑橄欖、蘑菇、切片的甘筍、綠豌豆、白酒、黑胡椒、少少鹽混合起來,有時也會加上切粒(diced)薯仔,再用一罐忌廉雞湯煮它大概三十分鐘。我有時會用它來伴着飯吃。這道菜跟莎當妮之類的白酒也很搭(pairs well)呢。


        Michael Chugani 褚簡寧
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Grace 2019/05/14

Where is the QR Code. Not able to find it.

johann Wong
johann Wong 2019/05/09

請問QR Code在哪邊呢? 找了一下並沒有看見

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Michael Kwan
Michael Kwan 2019/04/17

Dear Michael,

Don't define anything which westerners do not do as peculiar. There are many reasons why they don't choose fruits by toching them or smelling them. Say, they may have low demands on quality of such items (look, they are easily satisfied by eating a ham sandwich as lunch) or they don't even know how to distinguish bad from good by touching and smelling the fruits. If you know what QC is in a factory, you will understand why people need to touch and smell. If you don't, I am speechless to converse with you.

Are you trying to say that consumers have no right to do QC like picking a better quality food item? Are you saying that doing this is classified as peculiar? Are you saying that all items are the same in supermarkets? Then can you explain to me why A's new iPhone X malfunctions after two days but B's iPhone X still works perfectly adter two years?

Michael Kwan