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28 Mar
          Criminals with long prison sentences sometimes find God in jail. To “find God” can mean different things to different people. It doesn’t literally mean you found God inside your prison cell. For some people, to “find God” means to become religious. It can be any religion. Some people “find God” by becoming Catholics. Others do it by becoming Protestants or Hindus. To “find God” can also mean to become a better and kinder person after having done many bad things. Former feng shui master Chan Chun-chuen found God and became a Christian soon after being jailed for forging a document that said the late Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum, Asia’s richest woman before she died, left all her money to him. To forge a document means to make a fake or illegal document.

          Former chief executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen did not have to find God after he was jailed for misconduct. He was already a devout Catholic before being jailed. To be devout means to believe strongly in a religion. Former joint chairman of Sun Hung Kai Properties Thomas Kwok Ping-kwong, one of Asia’s richest men, was released from prison last week after almost four years in jail for corruption. He also did not have to find God in prison because he was already a Christian. But he became more devout in prison by studying theology. To study theology means to study religion or religious beliefs.

          Kwok Ping-kwong said after his release from prison last week that he would like to spend more time on church activities and to do good things for society. I hope he will be true to his word. To be true to your word means to do exactly what you said you would do. Kwok Ping-kwong is part owner of Sun Hung Kai, Hong Kong’s largest property developer. Most Hong Kong people cannot afford to buy homes. They think property developers are too powerful and greedy. Kwok Ping-kwong can change this hate into love by telling property developers they have already made too much money and must now care more about affordable housing for ordinary people than making even more money.


          有時候,一些被判很長刑期的罪犯,會在獄中信教(find God)。信教或「尋見神」(to “find God”)對不同的人來說,可以有不同的意思。它並不是真的指你在牢房中尋見上帝(found God);對一些人而言,去「尋找神」(to “find God”)可以是指變得更虔誠,這可以是任何宗教。有些人成為天主教徒以「尋見神」(“find God”),有些人則透過成為基督徒或印度教教徒。To “find God”也可以是指一個人做了許多的壞事後,洗心革面而成為更好、更善良的人。亞洲最富有的女人龔如心去世後,前風水師陳振聰因偽造(forging)文件,稱龔在生前指示將所有財產留給他而被判入獄,他入獄後不久即改過自身(found God),成為了基督徒。To forge a document即偽造文件。

          前特首曾蔭權因公職人員行為失當罪而入獄後,則不用「尋找上帝」(find God)了,因為他入獄前就已經是個虔誠的(devout)天主教徒。To be devout意即在信仰上很虔誠。亞洲最富有的男人之一、新鴻基地產前聯席主席郭炳江因貪污罪被囚近四年後,於上星期獲得釋放。他也不用在獄中「尋找上帝」(find God),因為他也已經是一名基督徒。然而,他在獄中修讀神學(theology),變得更加虔誠(devout)。To study theology就是修讀神學。

          郭炳江上星期出獄後,說希望可花更多的時間在教會活動上,以及為社會做更多善事。我希望他會說到做到(true to his word)吧。To be true to your word就是指你會信守諾言,像你所說的那樣去做。郭炳江是香港最大的地產發展商新鴻基的部份擁有者。大部份香港人都買不起樓,他們認為地產發展商財雄勢大且貪得無厭。郭炳江大可將這種仇恨轉化為愛,跟各地產發展商說他們已經賺得太多錢了,現在應當更關注於為普羅大眾提供負擔得起的房屋,更甚於去賺更多的錢。


        Michael Chugani 褚簡寧
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The problem with us is that, we see religious and devout people as a being who can't make mistakes. God has not created humans being to not make mistakes, for that their are angels but we jump to conculsions very quickly as soons as we see a preacher or a scholar comminting a sin. Even in my own https://www.prodissertationhelp.co.uk/ office, there was a guy who was jewish and had the apperance according to their religious scholars and the day he was caught doing an immodest act with a female colleauge, he was ridiculed beyond comparrision.